Iran and the Bomb – Let’s do the math

Last month the president of Iran made the strange and self defeating proclamation “that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth”. Well, what a hateful, irresponsible, and hostile thing to say about another nation. I was told that President Lyndon B. Johnson had a saying, “never tell a man to go to hell unless you have the power to send him there”. I guess the repercussions might be serious in nature. Presently, Iran does not have the power to send anyone to hell, however, they seem to be working very hard to achieve this outcome. Last week, Iran wanted to be allowed to produce weapons grade plutonium, unmonitored, which they claim will be used for peaceful purposes. Oh really, last month they want to wipe nations off the face of the Earth, but this month they want weapons grade plutonium for peaceful purposes. If we “add one and one together–we get two”. And in this case “two” seems to equal nuclear weapons (and not “peace”)! Nostradamus wrote that the future third antichrist (the one after Hitler) would come from the land of Persia! So let’s keep a good watch out for events in Iran, because things aren’t quite adding up over there.

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