I had another intense dream recently that I was in San Francisco, as an earthquake was occurring. Many people perished, and many others survived. I was walking on a bed of rubble (which I thought was the ground). But as it turned out, “the ground” was floating on top of 8 feet of water! It was a strange dream indeed! If you have never been in an earthquake, you have no idea how helpless you will feel. In 1978, I was in Acapulco, Mexico, when a quake hit the area. It shook things up pretty good, but no one died from it. After you experience an earthquake, you realize that humans are to the earth, what fleas are to a dog. We are just hanging on for dear life, on a wild ride that we have no control over. The U.S.G.S. has stated that San Francisco could actually collapse into the sea at any time (that is how geologically unstable the area actually is). It is strange that the news media doesn’t ever mention this fact too often to the public. Nostradamus wrote several quatrains pertaining to earthquakes in the New City (his allusion to the United States). I believe one of them pertains to the New Madrid Fault line, and the other ones pertain to the West Coast. You can see read about these in the Excerpts section of our web-site. If you live in an area of geological instability, you should consider checking out the web-site of the U.S.G.S. to see what is going on right beneath your own two feet! The information might even save your life. They have detailed maps showing where and when tremors have occurred. I see their efforts as time well spent, protecting our citizens from potential unseen danger (lurking beneath the earth).

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