Global Warming

A recent article published in the journal of “Science” verified my intuition (or gut instinct) that rising sea temperatures provide deadly fuel for hurricanes as they gain strength in the Gulf of Mexico, before hitting the coast line of the southern United States (resulting in a “scene from Hell”–as the locals put it). There is no doubt that green house gas emissions are linked to global warming. Every time we fill up our cars with “over priced” gasoline (sold to us by the robber petrol baron’s), our exhaust fumes add to the syndrome which is now coming back to haunt us in previously unthinkable ways. And these ways are not good at all. First, the idea of global warming was just a theory two decades ago, but now, it is rather obvious that it is a dangerous reality, with deadly effects, and it is no longer just a theory at all! Global warming is eating our lunch, and the problem will only get worse before it gets better, so now is the time to act before our environment gets totally out of control in the future. If we fail to act now (and or in the future), then the universal floods Nostradamus wrote about could easily become a reality in the decades to come. So let’s all “get real” about Global Warming and it’s effect on our world (before its too late to fix)!

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