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Terrorism versus Acts of God

September 3, 2005

Terrorism poses a threat to the United States, but not as much of a threat as natural disasters do. Personally, I much more afraid of a tornado, than I am of a terrorist (you can shoot terrorists, but no gun in the world will stop a hurricane, or a tornado, or a flood or an earthquake). And if global warming makes hurricanes occur more often, and with greater strength, then the United States is really in trouble! I had some “bad weather dreams” recently, which I shared with a local TV weatherman. In the dream, trouble was heading for a major metropolitan area, and the bad weather was heading for it from the southeast. Perhaps the Hurricane Katrina was what I saw. You can blame terrorists for acts of terror, but “who” can you blame for Acts of God?


September 3, 2005

On a personal note, I am sick and tired of being "robbed" at the gas pump by the petroleum thieves of America. This amounts to nothing more than a huge rip-off, that many people can not afford to pay for. It is ruining the economy (resulting in huge profits for a few, at the expense of many.) Please stop robbing us! Please lower the price of gasoline


September 1, 2005

If you are a user of the drugs “Meth or Ice”, you might already be a Zombie! If you aren’t a user of these drugs, don’t start, otherwise, it will ruin your life and destroy your health (see the photograph below as evidence of this). It has come to my attention that there are millions of people who are “hooked” on these awful drugs. If smoked, they will destroy your lungs and turn them into “powdered toast”. In addition to this, the long term users will most likely develop cancer, resulting in their death–years before their time. If you are a user of meth or ice, I suggest you seek medical and/or psychiatric help (and counseling) so that you can get off of them and save your life.