Has you job been exported to China?

Another future region of trouble for the citizens of The West will be in the Orient. Presently, the United States and China have a strange relationship. At this very moment China has nuclear and biological missiles aimed at every major city in America, however, we seem “more than happy” to continue to export our manufacturing jobs there. It is almost like the United States and China have some type of Zen Confederation. The symbol of “yin and yang” are a perfect graphic representation of this relationship (two opposites which attract one another). Yes, China is our labor farm, and we are China’s marketing farm. In the 1960’s, anyone who would have thought about exporting American jobs to China would have been labeled as “a traitor”, or as a “commie sympathizer”. But now–it’s a common thing for American business men to “sell out” their fellow Americans by taking their manufacturing needs over to China. This is a situation which I hope the American labor unions monitor and report to us on, because America seems to be shooting itself in the foot (or letting the Chinese shoot us in our foot). Hey–we only have two of them to shoot, so what happens after that?

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