Hurricane Blues

FEMA was placed under the control of the Department of Homeland Security after the tragic events of 9/11. The new FEMA has less employees in it and appears to possibly be less effective than it was before 9/11 (at least in the opinions of many people who live in the hurricane ravaged southern coastline of the United States.) Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have shown us just how vulnerable we are to Acts of God (or nature). And defending ourselves against nature is equally, if not more important, than defending ourselves against terrorism. After all, Mother Nature can be the Meanest Lady of them all! LOL! So, I hope that our government officials have a new level of respect for unimaginable acts of nature which might present themselves in the future. Scientists, as well as psychics like Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon, have predicted that major earthquakes will one day ravage cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Therefore, maybe federal agencies like FEMA need to get busy planning for the next huge unthinkable disaster.

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