Trains, Boats, and Planes

There is a beautiful old song I remember from the 1960’s titled “Trains and Boats and Planes”. However, I don’t recall the female vocalist who sang the song. But the reason I mentioned this is because terrorists have hijacked cruise ships in the 1980’s, and airliners in the year 2001. And the only mode of transportation that hasn’t been targeted is “trains” (although a train “station” was targeted in Spain). It would appear to me that trains are vulnerable targets for terrorists to hit, and I hope that government officials in the United States (and possibility elsewhere) will take intelligent security steps in order to assure the Public that this form of transportation will remain a secure one in the future. I could make a prudent list of security issues that concern me in this regard, but I would not want to give any evil terrorists any creative ideas! However, I can say that I think that train conductors (and other rail road employees) should be ARMED, like they were back in the 1880’s in America, when they protected the rail system against train robbers, and Indian attacks, so that they could be the “first layer” of security in guarding against any potential terrorist plots. In the old days of the American Wild West, train employees carried double barrel 12 gauge shotguns, and an array of rifles and pistols (and public safety was enhanced by it). I’m not trying to get political, but I think that the public should consider writing their congressmen and senators, and suggesting that a National Rail Protection Bill be written and passed, in order to close a potential “loop hole” in public security. After all, since 9/11, public security should be the number one issue in Washington DC.! Right! Based upon my observations (combined with knowledge I obtained through interviews), the rail system in America amounts to nothing more than a vast system of small mobile chemical bombs, traveling from city to city, at the speed of 50 miles per hour, with little protection at all. In my opinion as a mere citizen, the government and the rail road companies need to put their heads together to improve public safety (and the sooner–the better for us all)!

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