The feeling I had on 9-12-01, was that there were a couple of hundred Islamic terrorists inside the USA, who were ready to hit various targets across our nation at anytime. However–we haven't really seen any terror in the USA since 9-11! So, is Homeland Security doing a good job, or, is the threat overstated? I don't claim to have the answer. However, I will say that I have an "intuitive feeling" that the months of March and June "might be" months that terrorists could be active around the globe. If I ran the Dept. of Homeland Security–I would increase the security around the outer-perimeter of air force bases, naval air stations, and airports, to guard against the possibility of aircraft being shot down by terrorists with small arms and RPG's. Nothing appears to be stopping anyone from trying to shoot down a jet on its final approach to the runway! Adding easy to see armed patrols around such airports and bases would seem like a prudent idea, and show of force would help to deter such acts from occurring.

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