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Have They Turned Us Into Monkeys?

April 30, 2006

monkey23smile.gifJust think “how much money” these oil and gas pirates are making off of us! Every time I turn around, it’s as if I am being pick-pocketed by a group of organized petrol criminals, who apparently feel no remorse about the fact that they are robbing me (and every other consumer in America) out of our limited disposable income.

Why haven’t any Republican politicians come to our rescue?  Why haven’t we heard from them? When they ran for office, they pretended “to care” about the needs of the public. However, when the public “needs them”, they are nowhere to be found!  Do we ever count for anything?  When I took Economics classess at the University of Hawaii, I learned that high volume sales usually means lower prices, and low volume sales usually suggests higher prices. However, when it comes to the price of gasoline, the standard rules of supply and demand (as associated with price) do not apply. This suggests elements of monopolistic marketing.

When will these cold hearted, hard nosed, business pirates back-off, and lower the price? When will they do it? I think they need to lower it “right now”, because I am sick and tired of being robbed at the gas pump, and I don’t see anything funny about it at all! How about you?  I know that I am not alone on this  issue.

Victor Baines goes to Washington D.C.

April 23, 2006

In February, I had the pleasure of traveling to Washington D.C., to be interviewed by the National Geographic Channel for a program about predicting the future. After my interview I had the opportunity to visit the Capital, the Library of Congress, the National Gallery, the Smithsonian, and a few other places too. The Capital building and the Library of Congress are very majestic buildings, which seem to radiate with the glow of history and human progress.

Long live Jerry Lynn Williams

April 15, 2006

I have known the singer and songwriter/musician Jerry Williams since 1976. When I met Jerry he was playing a Fender Rhodes electric piano at the home of H.P., a musician friend of mine.


Into the Fray! Welcome to our newest creation…

April 7, 2006

Victor at YaleThis is the wonderful new blog for the Nostradamus Society of America. I am Victor Baines, and I will be sharing much in the coming days and weeks, here in the blog. The bulletina has been a feature of the society’s webpage since it’s inception, but now I am proud to announce the society is adding this blog for more immediate feedback, news, and exciting links that I can more readily share with you, the reader.

Instant Karma

April 6, 2006

A resident of Clovis, New Mexico, recently discovered that its “bad karma” to mess with mice. According to an article by the Associated Press, a man caught a mouse inside of his home, and instead of taking it outside and letting it go, he placed the little mouse inside of a pile of leaves he was burning outside in his yard (wow-what a nice guy).

The mouse caught on fire, and ran back to the man’s house–catching it on fire! No one was injured–but the house and all of the man’s possessions perished in the flames. What’s the moral of the story? Be kind to little innocent animals (even mice–when possible), otherwise, it might come back to haunt you!

More Great Environmental News

April 4, 2006

More Great Environmental News "Pesticides were found in almost all US. rivers and streams between 1992 and 2001, so states a study recently released by the U.S.G.S. (although most drinking water has not been affected so they claim). The herbicides atrazine, metolachlor, and cyanazine were the most commonly found. Is this "why" my drinking water has tasted "a little bit funky" lately? Oh yummy, yummy–that really makes me "thirsty" for some tap water (not!!)! I don't know about you, but when it comes to drinking tap water, I prefer pesticides, to say something like "a big slice of lemon" in my glass. No–not really folks, I am only kidding about that. What's in your drinking water? Are you too scared to ask yourself? Call up your local water department and ask them to test your water to see what's in it. The results might surprise you. Is rain water the only clean water, or is it polluted by contents in the atmosphere as it falls to earth? If you happen to now the answer–please write me and let me know.

Nostradamus and the Popes

April 3, 2006

Nostradamus penned 36 quatrains containing the word "pope". There are even more references to the popes, using words which function as "allusions" to the pope. Other interesting phrases he used in this regard were "the law of the great Messiah, the Holy See, the Holy chalice. the Holy monarchy, and the Christian King of the World.

And on another interesting note, according to Italian wire reports, the Italian government concluded "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the leaders of the USSR were behind the evil assassination attempt to kill Pope John Paul II (referred to as "the labor of the sun" by Irish Bishop Malachy), back in 1981.

The would-be killer was a Turkish man, and was associated with a Bulgarian who had KGB connections. In my opinion, you would have to be a real evil person to shoot at a pope! I'm not surprised at all that the Turk failed in his task! I wish the present pope all the luck in the world. He seems like a strong willed individual.

Bird flu confirmed in France

April 2, 2006

Bird flu confirmed in France The H5N1 strain of Bird Flu was recently confirmed in a city 20 miles northeast of Lyon, France's third largest city. According to the Agricultural Ministry, it was found in a wild duck.