Long live Jerry Lynn Williams

I have known the singer and songwriter/musician Jerry Williams since 1976. When I met Jerry he was playing a Fender Rhodes electric piano at the home of H.P., a musician friend of mine.

The day I met him, he was singing a song titled Going down to Mexico. Jerry was once roommates with the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix.They shared a beach house somewhere on the outskirts of Los Angeles in the late 1960’s.

Jerry wrote songs for a lot of people ( Nicky Hopkins, Dave Mason, Delbert McCLinton, The Vaughan Brothers, Bonnie Raitt and others.) Jerry, who passed away recently on a Caribbean island, is perhaps best known for the hit songs for Eric Clapton, (i.e. Clapton’s Journeyman album contains five of Williams’s songs.) I will always picture Jerry playing his Stratocaster through four Pignose amps during the after hours jam at Tootsie’s nightclub in Fort Worth, TX.

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