Have They Turned Us Into Monkeys?

monkey23smile.gifJust think “how much money” these oil and gas pirates are making off of us! Every time I turn around, it’s as if I am being pick-pocketed by a group of organized petrol criminals, who apparently feel no remorse about the fact that they are robbing me (and every other consumer in America) out of our limited disposable income.

Why haven’t any Republican politicians come to our rescue?  Why haven’t we heard from them? When they ran for office, they pretended “to care” about the needs of the public. However, when the public “needs them”, they are nowhere to be found!  Do we ever count for anything?  When I took Economics classess at the University of Hawaii, I learned that high volume sales usually means lower prices, and low volume sales usually suggests higher prices. However, when it comes to the price of gasoline, the standard rules of supply and demand (as associated with price) do not apply. This suggests elements of monopolistic marketing.

When will these cold hearted, hard nosed, business pirates back-off, and lower the price? When will they do it? I think they need to lower it “right now”, because I am sick and tired of being robbed at the gas pump, and I don’t see anything funny about it at all! How about you?  I know that I am not alone on this  issue.

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