I said to my room-mate, as we watched in horror as the first tower collapsed on the morning of 9/11 “oh my God–just think of all the people who just died–what the hell is going on here”! By twelve noon on 9/11 my phone began to ring off the wall with bookstores ordering copies of my book REMEMBER THE FUTURE (THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS), by Victor Baines.

Apparently, the four or five quatrains which foreshadowed negative events around the millennium (arriving by the air) for “the New City” (an allusion to New York City) were coming true. The Jihad was underway. When I checked the inbox of my email on the morning of 9/12–my computer froze up.

Later I discovered that I had approximately 11,000 emails in my inbox, thousands of book orders, and media requests to interview me from around the world. My first interview was with the Australian Broadcasting Corp. in Sydney (then the list went on and on).

Then I discovered that the anti-spiritual, anti-prophetic skeptics (outraged that Nostradamus’ predictions had come true) created three fraudulent quatrains and spread them all over the internet in an attempt to defame Nostradamus.

The public was angered by their fraud–and several people “called the card” of these twisted morons (me being one of them). I had to set the record straight–and reveal the truth! In 1999, in a radio interview with WRR in Chicago, I told “the British Dude” who interviewed me, that someone like Osama bin Laden might be Nostradamus’ third anti-christ.

I can’t beleive that the Bush administration has yet to locate Osama and bring him to justice–but I guess their war in Iraq is getting in the way with finding Osama (who is probably hiding somewhere in Pakistan).

But our hearts go out to the friends and families of the victims of 9/11. Hopefully Osama will face a firing squad someday–or die from a .50 caliber sniper shell–or some other horrible way.

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