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December 5, 2006

In 2007 we plan on including some of our members (and visitors) emails to us, so that others can read about what is on people’s minds these days. Therefore, if you have a question or comment about something, feel free to email it to us.


December 5, 2006


Hey all you independent film makers out there, have you considered the idea of making an interesting independent film about Nostradamus (and the future) which could be sold at video stores in a DVD format? I am not talking about a program for cable TV, I’m talking about a cool and progressive kind of film which will “push the envelope” on the topic.
I have a long list of great ideas for such a film, so please consider the idea of contacting me and discussing some ideas. For years now, I have been waiting to talk to someone who possess wisdom and forethought–as well as someone with clout and connections. If that might be you, please introduce yourself to me by email.


December 5, 2006

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There is a new movie out titled “Bobby” about the tragic night that Senator Bobby Kennedy was assassinated back in the 1960’s. It is interesting to point out that at least two of Nostradamus’ quatrains (#4-14 and #6-37) appear to reference the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (as you might have seen me explain on the History Channel Program “Nostradamus 500 Years Later”.

Yet another quatrain appears to reference the assassination of RFK. In this particular quatrain there is a mention of “another falls at night” (see quatrain #1-26). Could there be a connection between all of these quatrains? Some would say “yes there is”.
I look forward to seeing this movie over the holidays.


December 5, 2006

It’s December now and the spirit of the holiday season is upon us. We wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, and Happy New Year, and hope that each of you obtain the inner peace and happiness you truly deserve this year.UNIQUE HOLIDAY GIFTS

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