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MARCH 2007

March 4, 2007


It is finally the month of March! Things “really start marching” in March! At least that has been my observation of the month of March over the last few years. Yes—it appears that March is a karmic month full of various activity.
There has been a lunar eclipse, followed by a full moon. Then on March 8th, the orbit of the planet Mercury returns direct (and no longer orbiting in retrograde).
Communications between people should start smoothing out by the 15th of March (and thank God for that because Mercury has been retrograde for quite a while now—straining communications between people). January is a slow moving month, February is a cold month, but March marches on. Don’t forget Daylight Savings time—soon you will need to spring forward in time once again.


March 4, 2007

It was brought to my attention that Bill Mayer mentioned Nostradamus lately on his talk show (in relation to Iraq). I don’t know what Bill was trying to say—but we are happy he mentioned Nostradamus on the air. And speaking of the media, I heard a radio ad by Shiner Beer which also mentioned Nostradamus. Hey you guys at Shiner—can you send me a free case of beer so that I can examine your product more closely?


March 4, 2007

There has been a lot of buzz about those mysterious prophetic watercolors over in Italy! What is their message, where did they come from, who painted them, what does all of this mean to us? Yes, there are many questions indeed.
Soon, we will probably get down to the bottom of it all. I know that I have a lot of unanswered questions and theories to consider.


March 4, 2007


Russian submarines beware–if you cross into the waters of the United Kingdom’s northern coastal command–the 43rd Squadron of the RAF’s Leuchers will be there to greet you.
According to Lt. Graham, a British friend of mine who was a flight navigator on board of an F-4 Phantom in this squadron, back in the early 1980’s (during the height of the Cold War) the Soviet Navy utilized some clever techniques as ploys to disguise their presence in the seas of the north Atlantic. One Soviet modus operandi was for a submarine to work as a team, with Soviet surface ships (who pretended to be civilian fishing vessels out gathering up fish in their nets).
From a distance, the radar signatures of the two surface vessels appeared to be normal, hey—they are just a couple of fishing boats out looking for a big school of cod—no big deal! Right?
Wrong! As the RAF F-4 flew over the tops of the two innocent looking fishing boats down below, they visually confirmed that directly underneath the two fishing boats there lurked a huge Soviet nuclear submarine (hiding under the two surface ships like a great white shark hiding beneath a couple of large sea turtles). At that point—the game’s up boys!
Considering the fact that Soviet submarines carried enough nuclear missiles to destroy half of the major cities in Europe and America, keeping track of them is of paramount importance. It is tough work—but somebody has to do it—and the 43rd Squadron of the RAF Leuchars do it well!
Nostradamus wrote many quatrains about Great Britain, as well as about Russia. Even the American psychic Edgar Cayce mentioned Russia in some of his predictions. According to Cayce, in the future Russia will be known as “the great bread basket of the world”—helping to feed many people in many areas of the globe.
Let’s hope that Russia and the West maintain their long-term strategic friendship in the future!



March 4, 2007

Should the American public vote to decide if Daylight Savings Time should be terminated, in order to help save billions of dollars from being wasted on over-priced heating gas and electric bills?
When the Daylight Savings Time bill was passed, the price of utilities were much, much cheaper than today. So, as a way to save the average American family money, and as a way for an entire nation to save on energy consumption, should the Daylight Savings Time bill be repealed?
If one examines the pro’s and con’s associated with daylight savings, one will quickly realize that by extending day light later into the evening, it forces families to consume more electricity than it normally would. So, why should families make utility companies rich?
Get real America–daylight savings time “made sense” in the 1960’s, but now it might be too expense to support. Some claim that “the math proves” that daylight savings time saves money—but I would like to see them prove their math to the public (in that regard). What’s really up with daylight savings time?


March 4, 2007

According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, a new tuberculosis strain has killed off nearly 85 percent of the HIV patients who were infected with it in South Africa—according to a large gathering of AIDS researchers. The name of the new strain is XDR Tuberculosis.


March 4, 2007

According to an article in the New York Times, in the effort to better understand greenhouse gases and global warming “the poles are going to lead the way in climate change”. In order to understand what we are in for over the next 10 years (regarding sea level and climate change) the poles need to be looked at now. “They are the amplifiers of the small warming that greenhouse gases cause”.