Russian submarines beware–if you cross into the waters of the United Kingdom’s northern coastal command–the 43rd Squadron of the RAF’s Leuchers will be there to greet you.
According to Lt. Graham, a British friend of mine who was a flight navigator on board of an F-4 Phantom in this squadron, back in the early 1980’s (during the height of the Cold War) the Soviet Navy utilized some clever techniques as ploys to disguise their presence in the seas of the north Atlantic. One Soviet modus operandi was for a submarine to work as a team, with Soviet surface ships (who pretended to be civilian fishing vessels out gathering up fish in their nets).
From a distance, the radar signatures of the two surface vessels appeared to be normal, hey—they are just a couple of fishing boats out looking for a big school of cod—no big deal! Right?
Wrong! As the RAF F-4 flew over the tops of the two innocent looking fishing boats down below, they visually confirmed that directly underneath the two fishing boats there lurked a huge Soviet nuclear submarine (hiding under the two surface ships like a great white shark hiding beneath a couple of large sea turtles). At that point—the game’s up boys!
Considering the fact that Soviet submarines carried enough nuclear missiles to destroy half of the major cities in Europe and America, keeping track of them is of paramount importance. It is tough work—but somebody has to do it—and the 43rd Squadron of the RAF Leuchars do it well!
Nostradamus wrote many quatrains about Great Britain, as well as about Russia. Even the American psychic Edgar Cayce mentioned Russia in some of his predictions. According to Cayce, in the future Russia will be known as “the great bread basket of the world”—helping to feed many people in many areas of the globe.
Let’s hope that Russia and the West maintain their long-term strategic friendship in the future!


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