Should the American public vote to decide if Daylight Savings Time should be terminated, in order to help save billions of dollars from being wasted on over-priced heating gas and electric bills?
When the Daylight Savings Time bill was passed, the price of utilities were much, much cheaper than today. So, as a way to save the average American family money, and as a way for an entire nation to save on energy consumption, should the Daylight Savings Time bill be repealed?
If one examines the pro’s and con’s associated with daylight savings, one will quickly realize that by extending day light later into the evening, it forces families to consume more electricity than it normally would. So, why should families make utility companies rich?
Get real America–daylight savings time “made sense” in the 1960’s, but now it might be too expense to support. Some claim that “the math proves” that daylight savings time saves money—but I would like to see them prove their math to the public (in that regard). What’s really up with daylight savings time?

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