Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you any different–“HISTER” is the clever allusion that Nostradmus uses in his quatrains to refer to Adolf Hitler (the leader of Germany during World War II, 1939-1945).

Quatrains number 2-24, 4-68, and 5-29 all contain the word “HISTER”. And don’t forget the fact that HISTER rhymes with Hitler and Himler (another top member of the Nazi Party). Other clever allusions that Nostradamus used to refer to the German Dictator were “the great Pontiff of the Party of Mars (War), the German infant who observes no law, one who seduces a great troop through his speech, the raving tongue, a proud villainous man, and a captain of greater Germany.”

The Holocaust is mentioned in two quatrains, there are several quatrains referring to Mussolini, the Spanish dictator Franco is actually referred to by his name “Franco” in quatrain 9-16, and at least one other quatrain appears to mention Charles De Gaulle of France.

Considering that Nostradamus clearly predicted World War II with such accuracy–one could wonder if predictions describing World War III (before the fact) is buried somewhere inside of some quatrains?

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