sanantonioriverwalk.jpg Sometime this fall (perhaps in September) the History Channel will broadcast its newest two hour program about Nostradamus. I believe the title of the program will be something like “Nostradamus and The Lost Book”. I can’t reveal anything else about the program other than that.

Several experts (in various fields of expertise) including myself, were interviewed in a little town outside of San Antonio named Bourne, Texas. I spent most of my free time chatting about various topics with author Vincent Bridges.

I crammed for hours, like a college student before final exams, trying to fill my head with the perfect answer for any question that might be presented to me by my interviewer. Of course about 20 minutes “after my interview” everything I wished I had said became crstal clear inside my mind–but that’s everyone’s story after an interview. Go figure it!

It was nice being spending three days in a cool city like San Antonio, Texas (the home of the Alamo). Everything was green and pretty in south Texas and the Mexican food on the historic River Walk tasted fantastic. It was fun and relaxing having dinner with everyone the first night of our trip–and I can’t wait to see the final version of the program!

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