It’s a fact that Nostradamus predicted the landing on the moon in quatrain #9-65 (as seen in the Excerpts Section of this web-site).

But here are two more quick and amazing facts about the moon. There is a long lock of a lady’s hair inside the material that the United States flag is made of on the surface of the moon. It belonged to the lady who owned the flag company (in Texas) who made the special flag for NASA, back in 1969.

Another amazing fact about the moon is that the Clan MacBean tartan is “the only” Scottish tartan to have gone to the moon. Astronaut Alan Bean, from Texas, took it with him on the Apollo 12 flight to the moon.

Half the tartan was left on the moon as a flag, and the other half returned to earth (from outer space) and returned to the clan archives for safe-keeping.

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  1. quaheedus Says:

    The lock of hair in the flag may be a myth… There were no special flags made to be put on the surface of the moon according to Jack Kinzler, Chief of Technical Services Division at MSC who over saw the making of the design and manufacture of the poles and how they would hold the flags etc.There were rumors of the flags being purchased at sears but could not be verified . Kinzlers notes indicate that the flags were purchased from the Government Stock Catalog for $5.50. The only alteration was a him or sleeve sewn in at the top of the flag so that it could slide ove the horizontal support of the pole.Alterations to the flag were done in the fabrics shop at Nasa. Here is NASA’s page
    with the description of the flag and design of the poles..go down to footnote 10 for more info on where they may have been puchased and how.

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