Question: Is it smart (and ethical) for the President to send our troops to war, in order for them to die searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed, and keep them there for 5 years, so they can drive around in Army vechiles and get blown up in a religious based Islamic civil war?

Answer: Probably not!

Question: I thought our nation learned “a lesson” from the 50,000 Americans who died in Vietnam?

Answer: I did too!

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  1. lowerpericles Says:

    War is bad. Majority of people are bad. Everything looks bad. 85% of our daily thoughts hover around bad mojos. Bad things take are everywhere. Today, tommorow, next time bad. My bad, your bad. Who’s the baddest of em’ all — the bad, the very bad existence. Then again everything looks good, yeah all is good if not every moment we breathe. All is good. Very good. Or maybe nothing at all like a lil’ bit bad and lil’ bit good, just nice like in-between. Not so high yet low, keep your feet on the ground – keep reaching for the stars.

  2. sundiver Says:

    I don’t want you to shut up. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Question? Do you think the Islamo Fasciests are just going to stop seeking world domination and submission of all infidels to their political religion?
    Answer: No of course not. They have been growing in strength and audacity for 30 years.
    Question? DO you think you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the things you take for granted everyday when our civilized world is overrun with people just like the Taliban?
    ANswer: No. We will be lucky if they can keep the power grid running.

    Don’t you think you should wake up and smell the coffee? Just because things have seemed so stable in the world does not mean that we won’t fall into another dark ages. How do you think Rome fell? Compacency. You are too complacent. We must not give up the fight to retain our freedoms. They need to be protected. Soldiers WILLINGLY understand and fight for those freedoms. Thank you soldiers. You are nor required to do anything at all.
    If we wait until the self declaired enemy gives us or Israel or Europe a nuclear blow, we will once again face a more deadly war than needed to occur. If we had stopped Hitler instead of appeasing him how many lives would have been saved?
    This isn’t tiddly winks mister. This is real and it’s not going away just because you wish it would.

  3. carriage Says:

    I must say that I have a great faith in America, and all she stands for. I think if we had done something sooner with the earlier attack on the Towers, perhaps 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. Never-the-less the past is past and we must move on. I have allways had a positive mental attitude and I see America gaining in spiritual-favor,

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