Apparently there are two types of Islamic terrorists. The first type, which we will call “TYPE ONE TERRORISTS”, are the hard-core fighters who have received “real training” in terrorism, from real Jihadists, who know there stuff when it comes to bomb making and other forms of terror. These are the most dangerous type of terrorist.

Then there is the “TYPE TWO TERRORISTS” (like the home-grown British Islamic terrorists who blew themselves up in Glascow in early July). This second type of terrorist is like a “wanna be” terrorist. They have “the will”, but “not the way”.

They have no real training in what they are doing, and one can easily picture them “quivering in fear” as they tried to construct a bomb (or I.E.D.) for the first time, on the living room floor of their house (or flat). Make one wrong move–and–KABOOM! They blow themselves up in a big lake of fire!

These TYPE TWO TERRORISTS are apparently “idiots” when it comes to bomb making and therefore are much less of a threat than the well trained TYPE ONES. By reverse engineering the modus operandi of the TYPE TWO’S one can easily realize that there simply might not be any TYPE ONE TERRORISTS in the U.K. at the present time–otherwise–they would be carrying out the terror missions across the U.K. (an NOT the TYPE TWOS).

It’s bizarre how the “would be bombers” who planned on blowing themselves, up and hurting others were blown up themselves–without anyone being hurt accept them.

So maybe its possible that the U.K. might be more successful in fighting terrorism than they are being credited for. At least its a possibility.

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