The movie is showing tonight!

The History Channel’s “Lost Book of Nostradamus” first broadcast on Oct. 28, was A HUGE SUCESS!  It was watched by 3.5 million people and was the most watched program on cable television that night.  In addition to this–it was the most watched program ever–on the History Channel.  If you haven’t seen the program yet check for your cable guide for times.  We hope you tune in to see this most excellent program about Nostradamus yet to be created for broadcast.

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3 Comments on “The movie is showing tonight!”

  1. slightlydisheveled Says:

    The movie is interesting (and pretty scary!). Frankly, I’m not the sort of person to completely accept prophecy, but I’m not so quick to dismiss it either.

    At least as far as movies, TV documentaries, etc., are concerned, I’ve noticed a re-occurring theme regarding Nostradamus… that we have the ability to control our future. This seems a bit at odds with biblical prophecy, where the future appears to be set. It makes me contemplate ‘momentum’. Is there already sufficient momentum to take us down the ‘negative’ path (as Nostradamus saw it)?

    Hogue apparently thinks that if we can somehow negate our dependency on oil and prevent our government from launching a pre-emptive attack on Iran, then maybe our path will change. I have not read Hogue’s new book concerning Iran, but this is what I get from the intro.

    I don’t see it happening. What are we going to do?… retro-fit all of our vehicles with an engine that runs on a viable alternative energy source? We don’t currently have a practical alternative to the gasoline combustion engine. Any realistic alternative is years and years away. Current environmental regulations and attitudes prevent drilling in ANWR and building new refineries. We are currently slaves to oil and that is not going to change soon. I don’t see a quick way of alleviating our dependence on foreign oil… at least within the timetable Nostradamus has set.

    Disregarding prophecy, I think that there exists the real possibility that Israel will be the one to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran… and to be honest, letting Iran develop nuclear weapons (which, at least in my opinion, is clearly what they are doing) is not the sanest approach to foreign policy. Of course, when has there ever been a sane approach to foreign policy? Too many variables.

    … which brings us back to the question of ‘momentum’. Unfortunately, it looks like the ball is bouncing its way down the negative path to me, but what do I know…


  2. carriage Says:

    I suspect the axis of the Earth might change in 2012. Do you think it will be a quick skip to its new location, or a slow process? Until watching the program about the new found book I had hoped it would occur later and not so soon.

  3. latinlovebandit Says:

    a question to pivoli to my understanding from this passage

    “When the eagle and crecent moon meet at last
    the full moon will be set on the coming of saturn.
    The place of peace will be where Ark rested
    and God spoke.”

    can that be turkey?
    because to my understanding the ark was set in mount ararat in turkey and their simbol is the crecent moon and the star which means turkey.
    but anyway to my understanding from watching the documentary about the lost book,the conjuction of the two sings in between is the center of the galaxy but then to me it’s telling me that the anti-crist is not coming from there but to my understanding looks like that’s when christ’s arrives and at that moment in time, time will stop and the unseen will be seen and the simbols of 3 lunar eclipses and one sun eclipse then the lamb means that will be when crist will come and as far as the ark that you see under the picture is not because this place will be destroy by fire but to my understanding it means and it represents the ark of the covenant between man and god so if any of the experts looking at this please check this out and revise the pictures with scriptures and see if you come to the same conclusions as i did, because if anyone has read the bible it says that crist will come in all his glory and power now this is the spritual side i’m talking about but if you want to get into science then it could be that there will be a major event that could either set this planet out of aligment or a pole shift or a meteor but anyway hope i get some responses.

    take care


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