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Dr. Michael Rathford Accused of Fraud by some Internet Surfers

May 9, 2008

A lot of web-surfers have been posting negative comments about this Dr. Michael Rathford fellow (which is apparently a pen-name). One person wrote “this guy is a fraud, Dr. Michael Rathford is not his real name, not a doctor at all, go do a Google search,

he comes up about 50 times, all referenced to back to his website—nothing else. Avoid this petty attempt, a complete waste of time, read some original documents he claims to have “translated”. It’s a joke and a scam”.

It has been brought to my attention that this Dr. Rathford guy (or whatever his real name is—I guess he chose “Dr.” to sound more important) has made the mistake of trying to “confuse or deceive” people into thinking that he had something to do with the

History Channel program “Lost Book of Nostradamus”. And I can assure you that he did not—yet his advertising seems to imply that he has somehow “decoded” some information, and cracked a code. Don’t believe this guy when he claims that!

Another web surfer wrote “this guy (Dr. Rathford) is so full of shit that he could open his mouth and say “ah” at a checkup and give a stool sample at the same time! If this doctor was so amazing, why did he use Dan Brown’s title?”

Finally, someone from Mexico, who bought Rathford’s book, referred to him as “Dr. Transformer”—because his book reminded him of the “Transformers Movie”! LOL!!!

The Danger Posed to America by the New Madrid Fault-line

May 9, 2008

The earthquake on April 19th in the New Madrid fault line, was an event of great importance. In fact, it was so important that it was the top story on ABC News that evening.

As fate would have it, in Quatrain #10-79 Nostradamus predicts a major earthquake in a region he called “the New Memphis” (see the excerpt section of this website). Memphis, Tennessee is located within the New Madrid region and our USGS predicts that a major quake will strike this region around the year 2017 (or maybe before). So, we see “science and prophecy predicting the same thing” (which is unusual and therefore important)!

I can assure you that if the New Madrid fault line collapsed it would amount to a huge, colossal mess involving the loss of about 25% of the surface area of the United States!

Competition in Terror Land

May 9, 2008

Believe it or not—different terror groups don’t help one another out. Sunni Al Qaeda, and Shiite Tehran are in “competition” with one another to see who the number one defender of the Arabs really is. It’s a good thing that they aren’t united with one another! We should exploit this split in power to its full advantage in our war against terror!

The Reason Oil and Gas Prices Are So High

May 9, 2008

According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, here are a few reasons given for the still rising oil and gas prices. 1) Short term price movements are related to fear of supply disruptions. 2). A weak US dollar in the marker place. 3). Saudi Arabia is cutting back on its production.

Hey–they failed to mention a fourth reason for the price hike “good old fashion human greed”! I’m not laughing for a second when they rob me at the gas pump. It seems like they are heartless price gougers who rob the masses. So, I think there should be a price cap put on the cost of gasoline. Why should so many people “get robbed” for the benefit of a few greedy business people?

US Marines in Afghanistan

May 9, 2008

The Taliban control about 10% of Afghanistan and NATO controls the other 90%. The region controlled by the Taliban forces is a region rich in opiate production. A large percentage of the world’s opiate supply arrives from this region and the Taliban forces refuse to give this area up to government forces.

United States Marines are now part of the mix in the NATO forces and they are anxious

to confront the Taliban troops who no longer attempt to combat them directly, but instead choose to fight them as guerillas. The Taliban soldiers just can’t deal with the level of firepower produced by American forces. I would sure hate to be on the receiving end of the firepower of an F-16 Falcon or some of the other fighting machines in our arsenal of weapons.

Vultures Turn Predatory

May 9, 2008

Vultures are large scavenger birds who hover in the air in search of road kill to eat. Sometimes called “buzzards”, they patiently float above the ground with a 5 foot wingspan hoping to find a dead squirrel, cow, armadillo (or similar varmit) to munch on.

However—these scavengers are now killing “living” animals (instead of eating only dead ones). Is that creepy or what? According to scientists their numbers are growing and their predatory attacks on farm and ranch animals are increasing. If I were a naturalist I would be very alarmed by this sudden shift in nature’s way!

According to farmers and ranchers the vultures are now killing small goats and lambs, and sometimes even baby calves (and more dead small wild animals are also being found). Scientists are wondering how long this trend will continue.

In some ways this situation is similar to the plot of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”—because the birds turned into to blood thirsty predators! Oh well, keep your eye out for buzzards the next time you find yourself in the countryside. You might have to duck and run for cover. LOL!

The Pontiff in America

May 9, 2008

From his jet, while flying above the Atlantic Ocean, Pope Benedict the XVI denounced the pedophilia scandal in the United States and met with some of its victims. The pope also met with victims of 9/11 at Ground Zero—both meetings were viewed as profound gestures on behalf of the pope.

People in the United States appear to love and support the pope, who received a warm welcome everywhere he went.

Buddy Miles—Jimi Hendrix’s drummer—Passes Away

May 9, 2008

The famous sixties and seventies rock drummer, Buddy Miles, passed away in February of this year from congestive heart failure. God Bless His Soul! He had plenty of soul to bless too (as well as a lot of funk)!

After a stint with the band “Electric Flag”, Buddy later joined forces with Jimi Hendrix, and recorded several albums with him (with Billy Cox on bass). Buddy was well known at that time for his funky rock song “Changes”.

Buddy later moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and passed away in Austin, Texas, where he lived for the last few years of his life. True rock n’ rollers from the good ole days

will remember (and miss) Buddy! “Oh my mind keeps going through them changes…”