Dr. Michael Rathford Accused of Fraud by some Internet Surfers

A lot of web-surfers have been posting negative comments about this Dr. Michael Rathford fellow (which is apparently a pen-name). One person wrote “this guy is a fraud, Dr. Michael Rathford is not his real name, not a doctor at all, go do a Google search,

he comes up about 50 times, all referenced to back to his website—nothing else. Avoid this petty attempt, a complete waste of time, read some original documents he claims to have “translated”. It’s a joke and a scam”.

It has been brought to my attention that this Dr. Rathford guy (or whatever his real name is—I guess he chose “Dr.” to sound more important) has made the mistake of trying to “confuse or deceive” people into thinking that he had something to do with the

History Channel program “Lost Book of Nostradamus”. And I can assure you that he did not—yet his advertising seems to imply that he has somehow “decoded” some information, and cracked a code. Don’t believe this guy when he claims that!

Another web surfer wrote “this guy (Dr. Rathford) is so full of shit that he could open his mouth and say “ah” at a checkup and give a stool sample at the same time! If this doctor was so amazing, why did he use Dan Brown’s title?”

Finally, someone from Mexico, who bought Rathford’s book, referred to him as “Dr. Transformer”—because his book reminded him of the “Transformers Movie”! LOL!!!

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One Comment on “Dr. Michael Rathford Accused of Fraud by some Internet Surfers”

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