Vultures Turn Predatory

Vultures are large scavenger birds who hover in the air in search of road kill to eat. Sometimes called “buzzards”, they patiently float above the ground with a 5 foot wingspan hoping to find a dead squirrel, cow, armadillo (or similar varmit) to munch on.

However—these scavengers are now killing “living” animals (instead of eating only dead ones). Is that creepy or what? According to scientists their numbers are growing and their predatory attacks on farm and ranch animals are increasing. If I were a naturalist I would be very alarmed by this sudden shift in nature’s way!

According to farmers and ranchers the vultures are now killing small goats and lambs, and sometimes even baby calves (and more dead small wild animals are also being found). Scientists are wondering how long this trend will continue.

In some ways this situation is similar to the plot of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”—because the birds turned into to blood thirsty predators! Oh well, keep your eye out for buzzards the next time you find yourself in the countryside. You might have to duck and run for cover. LOL!

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