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Dead Sea Scrolls go Digital, by Victor Baines

November 16, 2008

Israeli authorities announced that the Dead Sea Scrolls (the oldest version of the Hebrew religion) are being photographed using American space technology and will be posted on the internet for everyone to see.  Cameras using high-tech infrared photography are being utilized to uncover sections of the text which have faded over the centuries.  They will digitize some 900 fragments and authorities estimate that the project will take about five years to complete.  This is interesting news considering that Nostradamus was of Jewish descent.

Victor Baines Predicted a Democrat would be President

November 16, 2008

In my blog entry “Predictions for 2008″ (written in Feb. of 2008) I predicted that” a democrat would win the presidential election”–and I was right!  If I had been incorrect I would have heard about it by now.  However–I was right, so, let’s give me a big round of applause!  Yeah, Victor!

A “Lost Book” Image that’s prophetic indeed

November 15, 2008

In the History Channel program “Lost Book of Nostradamus” there was one prophetic water-color showing a small Turkish warrior holding a Turkish sword, standing in front of a large pope whose insignia included the Virgin Mary in his coat of arms (suggesting Pope John Paul II).

This particular image appears to have foreshadowed the attack on Pope John Paul II, by a Turkish man in 1981 at St. Peter’s Square. However, it was little known that in a 1982 knife attack, by a Spanish priest named Juan Maria Fernandez—the Holy Father was “actually cut by the knife”. That fact had remained secret up until now.

This is all according to a recently released film– which includes the testimony of Pope John Paul II’s private secretary (Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz). So, with this new knowledge being public, it simply adds more credibility to “whoever it was” that actually created the Lost Book images (be it Nostradamus or some unknown imitator).

In the future, if any “additional news” is uncovered regarding Lost Book images, we will be sure to mention them on our website.


November 1, 2008

     During the weekend of October 25, 2008, about a thousand people were attending a high school football game in Stephenville, Texas, when suddenly–something amazing occurred–a huge black “triangular shaped” UFO (about 1500 feet long) appeared right over the top of the football stadium.  It hovered there silently and brought the game to a complete stand-still as everyone gazed upon it in “complete and total awe”!

     A few minutes later a squadron of F-16 Eagles appeared in the sky and as they approached the Mothership–it suddenly flew away into the night time sky at an incredible rate of speed.  The whole event lasted about 10 minutes or so (according to witnesses who attended the game).  I heard that this bizarre event has been “the talk of the town”–its the only thing people have been talking about!