A “Lost Book” Image that’s prophetic indeed

In the History Channel program “Lost Book of Nostradamus” there was one prophetic water-color showing a small Turkish warrior holding a Turkish sword, standing in front of a large pope whose insignia included the Virgin Mary in his coat of arms (suggesting Pope John Paul II).

This particular image appears to have foreshadowed the attack on Pope John Paul II, by a Turkish man in 1981 at St. Peter’s Square. However, it was little known that in a 1982 knife attack, by a Spanish priest named Juan Maria Fernandez—the Holy Father was “actually cut by the knife”. That fact had remained secret up until now.

This is all according to a recently released film– which includes the testimony of Pope John Paul II’s private secretary (Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz). So, with this new knowledge being public, it simply adds more credibility to “whoever it was” that actually created the Lost Book images (be it Nostradamus or some unknown imitator).

In the future, if any “additional news” is uncovered regarding Lost Book images, we will be sure to mention them on our website.

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