I could hardly believe what I was reading the other day.  According to a recent article by the Associated Press, there is a huge garbage pile (the size of the state of Texas) floating on the surface of the north Pacific Ocean.  Can you believe that?  Doesn’t that sound terrible?

The floating garbage pit contains mostly plastic items, which appear to the eye as “snowy confetti” and have a negative impact upon the marine life in the area (i.e., plankton, small fish, and aquatic birds).  The real extent of damage posed by this threat is still undetermined and presently under investigation.

I suggest that people write a letter to the United Nations (in New York City) and ask them to please do what they can to devise a game-plan to somehow clean this mess up.

Polluting our oceans and killing marine life is something that none of us should tolerate.

How this mess could effect the world’s food chain is also undetermined at this time.

Hopefully you won’t find a small piece of plastic inside of your can of tuna when you open it up.  But who knows—you better look closely at it before you take your first bite!

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