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September 10, 2010

The Nostradamus Society of America  offers its  sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims of 9/11.  Each of us, in our own way, will say a prayer for those who perished on that dark, tragic day– nine years ago. Oh my God–what a horrible and sinister day that was for the American people (and the entire world). It was a day that changed the world forever. And since then–the world has changed indeed.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing as I watched in horror– as the twin towers of the World Trade Center fell to the ground that morning.  The entire event left me in “a state of shock” for several weeks afterward. Truth be known–I think I’m still in a “state of repressed shock” due to the tragic events of 9/11, but I suppose that each of us deals with that terrible memory in our own individual manner. I say “God bless the Victims of September 11th, 2001!” May their souls rest in heaven for eternity.

As strange as it might seem to some people, due to my detailed research of Nostradamus’ prophecies, I was totally convinced (as early as the year 1996) that  sometime around the turn of the  millennium (sometime between 1999 and 2002) some type of terrible aerial event was going to occur in New York City involving Muslims. And as fate would have it– I was correct (and very correct indeed)!  Our society’s website contained text which mentioned something of this nature occuring at some point in the future, which is why between the days of 9-11 and 9-13–we received more than 1.6 million hits!

Nostradamus’ quatrains #10-72, 10-74, 1-24, 1-87, and 6-97 appear to directly foreshadow the events of 9-11.  They mention a “great king of terror who approaches a great New City from the sky, near the change of the millennium–resulting in deadly fire, death, and destruction”. Quatrain #9-92 also seems to apply to the events of 9-11. 

The identity of the “great King of Terror” turned out to be Osama bin Laden. And the location of the allusion to “the great New City” was indeed New York City! All  six of these quatrains contained prophetic elements of truth, written “many years in advance”  of their occurrence. In my informed opinion, these quatrains served the purpose of providing “absolute proof” that Nostradamus was a true prophet.

I am still amazed by the fact that Osama bin Laden has still managed to escape justice for the crimes that he planned and successfully executed that day. Our nation can send men to the Moon, and space-craft to Mars, but for some strange reason we have failed to capture Osama bin Laden and hold him accountable for his terroristic deeds. To me this still seems odd, and hard to swallow, in terms of justice and punishment.

As a result of the tragic events of 9-11, I sold many books to many people, all over the world.  Thank you again if you were one of the people who bought my book after September 11th. Please consider purchasing a copy of my book if you wish to ponder other “yet to occur” events in our future.  God Bless America–and “to hell” with Osama bin Laden. I hope that bin Laden gets hit by one of our Hell-Fire Missiles one day–resulting in sending him “straight to hell” where he belongs!


September 10, 2010

According to a recent news story by MSNBC, Iran has unveiled its two newest missiles for the world to see (the Striker and the Qiam-1).

 In his typical “schizophrenic style” of verbal communication Iranian President Ahmadinejad called his new Striker missile “an ambassador of death”, only then to add “its main message is of peace and friendship”(which enlightened spiritual minded American Indians might have refered to as “someone who speaks with a forked tongue”)!

The Striker missile, which is 4 meters long and amounts to a pilotless drone style “flying bomb” has the ability to make preemptive strikes against any perceived threat–according to Ahmadinejad.  Then again, in his “schizophrenic style”, President Ahmadinajad exclaimed ” he would never strike first”! So, depending upon “which half” of his schizophrenic brain you wish to believe–his new missiles are either intended for peace, or for war! My guess is that he has war in mind–and not peace.

Iran’s new missiles are intended to “cut off the hand of any aggressor before it decided to make an aggression” said Ahmadinejad. Hmmm, to me that sounds like a missile intended to operate as a weapon of for pre-emptive strikes in the region.

I am quite sure that the military forces of Israel and NATO are monitoring the military actions of Iran to make sure that they remain “contained” in the middle eastern region of the world.