According to a recent news story by MSNBC, Iran has unveiled its two newest missiles for the world to see (the Striker and the Qiam-1).

 In his typical “schizophrenic style” of verbal communication Iranian President Ahmadinejad called his new Striker missile “an ambassador of death”, only then to add “its main message is of peace and friendship”(which enlightened spiritual minded American Indians might have refered to as “someone who speaks with a forked tongue”)!

The Striker missile, which is 4 meters long and amounts to a pilotless drone style “flying bomb” has the ability to make preemptive strikes against any perceived threat–according to Ahmadinejad.  Then again, in his “schizophrenic style”, President Ahmadinajad exclaimed ” he would never strike first”! So, depending upon “which half” of his schizophrenic brain you wish to believe–his new missiles are either intended for peace, or for war! My guess is that he has war in mind–and not peace.

Iran’s new missiles are intended to “cut off the hand of any aggressor before it decided to make an aggression” said Ahmadinejad. Hmmm, to me that sounds like a missile intended to operate as a weapon of for pre-emptive strikes in the region.

I am quite sure that the military forces of Israel and NATO are monitoring the military actions of Iran to make sure that they remain “contained” in the middle eastern region of the world.

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