France & the U.K. Combine Military Forces, by Victor Baines

Earlier this month France and the United Kingdom signed an agreement which allows the two European nations to deploy their military units under a common command structure, combine aircraft carriers when needed, and to work together on nuclear programs.

These two nuclear powers of Europe also pledged to work with one another on the following:   A).  threats from Cyberspace   B).  issues regarding the militarization of space  C.)   the sharing various testing facilities  D).  the formation of a jointly formed rapid reaction force consisting of 5000 troops.

From a military perspective, this makes excellent sense.  If these two nations would have combined their military forces several centuries ago–instead of fighting one another over and over again–they probably could have taken over the world!  LOL!

During the years I spent researching the prophecies of Nostradamus, I stumbled upon something that looked like a “future version” of NATO–and now it has somewhat arrived into the real world.  Nostradamus used the name “Ogmios” to refer (or to “allude” to) a future European military leader (or military force) who will one day fight the future “third anti-christ” when he and his forces invade Europe by land and sea.  I have sensed something of this nature occurring since the early 1990’s.

Sometimes progress and innovation are late to arrive on the scene.


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