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September 3, 2011

According to a recent article by the Associated Press, if terrorists ignited a nuclear device a few blocks away from the White House here is what would happen (keeping in mind we hope this would never ever occur): 

1.      The initial explosion would incinerate everything within a ½ mile radius from the point of ignition.

2.      A super-intensive flash of white light would blind anyone who saw it for many miles in all directions (like you were starring into the sun—but much worse).

3.      A radioactive cloud would fill up the sky and slowly move toward Boston.  But the mind-blowing conclusion of the study revealed ”that just a bit further from the epicenter of the blast, such a nuclear explosion would be pretty survivable”.

Really—“pretty survivable” you say?  Just “how pretty” are we talking about here? Like a “pretty place” to cook hot dogs and have a picnic, or what?  I can’t imagine “anything pretty” about a post-nuclear blast environment—but that’s what the experts are claiming!