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The 2012 Presidential election, trouble in the Middle East, no signs of the world ending yet, by Victor Baines

October 19, 2012

I  have received a lot of email from people asking me if Nostradamus predicted the outcome of the 2012 American presidential election.  Well the answer is “no”, Nostradamus made no predictions for the outcome of this election.  I am not a political analyst and I do not normally write about election matters.  However, in the last presidential election in 2008, I went out on a limb  and followed my gut instinct and predicted that Obama would be the victor. As fate would have it I was correct! It wasn’t that hard of a prediction to make.

So,  if anyone wishes to know what I think about the outcome of the current presidential election–here it is–I think that president Obama will win the election! If you look at the stats of the American population you will realize that the math adds in support of  the poor voters, versus rich conservative white voters who might vote for Romney.  However, in contrast to the popular vote there is the mysterious electoral collage to consider, which numerically skews the popular vote.  Then, there is the election of 2000 to consider where Gore won, but Bush ended up being the president (resulting in the Supreme Court case Gore vs. the United States).  So who knows what will really happen in the end of it all.. 

Things appear to be heating up again in the Middle East.  Palestinian Terrorists have been flying drones made in Iran over Israel lately.  Everytime they enter Israel’s airspace they are immediately shot down by an F-16. The violence of the endlessly evil Bashara Assad dictatorship is spilling over into Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.  This is slowly becoming a huge black hole with no end in sight. A huge military exercise between Israel and the United States is occurring this month.  It is designed to send a strong message the foolish president of Iran. And I bet it will indeed. 

As for as an update on the “stupidly predicted” end — we still see NO SIGNS of it happening yet! However, considering the overly high prices that the American public is forced to pay for everything from gasoline, to rent, to electric bills (and even a Big Mac at Mcdonalds), it seems like the world has already ended!  LOL! In a couple of months we will be able to see “what fools” all of these morons are who have flooded the internet with rediculous websites and articles predicting the end of the world in 2012.  I call these people “monkey see–monkee doers” and theyare as full of crap as the day is long.  Hopefully their rediculous websites will soon vanish from the internet in January, 2013.