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Modern day urban feudalism in America–what happened to our economy? by Victor Baines

March 15, 2013

Life in America seems to have “de-evolved” into a strange and “difficult to define” state of economic existence.  if you are a wealthy person, and or a successful business owner, you might be doing well (in an economic sense) and have difficulty trying to understand what I am writing about in this article.  However, if you are a “former member of the American working middle class”–it should be  easy for you to relate to questions that I raise in this article!

“What the F%#K” happened to all our jobs?  “Where the F@*k” did they all go to?  “How the h#$L” am I suppose to make a living these days?  These are the questions that many Americans are asking themselves these days! So much for saving up for my retirement–people are simply trying to make it week to week, and month to month!

Can anyone reading this relate to what I am saying here?  This is the “unspoken state of economic existence” these days in America –and the problem is even worse than we know, but nobody seems to be addressing this issue in the main stream media!  They like to play the psychological game that “everything is fine in America”–but the real truth is a different matter!