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The Boston Marathon bombings–high school Jihadists–America’s new terrorists, by Victor Baines

April 23, 2013

I wanted to delay my on-line speculation about “who” was behind the Boston terror bombings until the authorities did their work on the crime scene.  Due to “the date” of the attacks (being on “Patriot Day”), my first instinct was that the bomber(s) were domestic terrorists who still had a bone to pick with the federal government about the Branch Davidians, or the Oklahoma City bombings, or something of that nature, during the 1990’s.

However, when it was discovered that the type of bombs used were the so-called “pressure cooker bombs” which are a favorite home made bomb of Islamic terrorists, I began to change my mind about who was behind the plot.  Obviously, the bombs that were used in Boston were rather simple.  On a scale of one to ten, I would give their level of sophistication a four or five.  The only mark of sophistication they had were the fact that a remote detentation device  was used to ignite the bombs (rather than a fuse).  But even crude bombs can have a horrific and deadly impact.

Unless federal authorites do something to “electronically block” Jihadist websites which advocate acts of terror against against the United States, as well as block any web-site (be it foreign or domestic in orign)  that contain instuctions on “how” to make a bomb–it is my fear that such attacks will be replicated in the future.  It just makes good sense to block these sites from public view.

Just for the record, I found “nothing” in the prophecies of Nostradamus that appear to foreshadow the Boston bombings.  There were no keywords like Boston, or race, or patriot, or marathon, or Bean City, etc.., were located in the quatrains.