TEARS FOR FRANCE–Death to ISIS (the sons of Satan!), by Victor Baines

Our prayers go out to the brave people of France who had to endure a night of “Satanic hell and murder” at the hands of ISIS terrorists.  ISIS is the most evil, most dangerous, most worthless human skum on the face of planet Earth.  If the Devil himself had an army on Earth–its name would be ISIS.

For years various warnings about future war and terror can be found in my book “Remember the Future (The Prophecies of Nostradamus”). France was slow to recognize the true threat that ISIS posed to them–but now–I think they get the picture.  I was proud to see the headline in our local newspaper which stated “France bombing ISIS and showing No Mercy”!  Good for them–the evil bas_ard devils in ISIS should not be offered any mercy at all!  Instead, they should be bombed back into the stone-age (where it seems like they already live)!

Hopefully, the bombs of NATO nations will find their targets on the ground in Syria–killing thousands of the ISIS terrorists—and sending them straight to hell where they belong!

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2 Comments on “TEARS FOR FRANCE–Death to ISIS (the sons of Satan!), by Victor Baines”

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  2. It wasn’t a night of ‘satanic hell and murder’, it was a visitation against those who dishonor Nostradamus and the Holy Spirit :


    that group has ties to the Wikipedia Foundation which is being visited in like manner.

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