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Nostradamus Predictions and Warnings for 2019, by Victor Baines

March 5, 2019

Here are some predictions (and warnings) based upon the prophecies of Nostradamus and how they might relate to potential world events for the year 2019 (and beyond).

  1. SYRIA, ISRAEL, THE MIDDLE EAST: Quatrain # 3-97 is a direct reference to changes in the Middle East. It states “the new law to occupy the new land towards Syria, Judea, and Palestine, the great barbarian empire to decay”. I predict that the warfare in Syria will expand into Iran, Lebanon, and Israel, and become worse, before it becomes peaceful. In the long run the regime of Assad will crumble and decay. ISIS, though weakened, will continue its terror attacks around the world. Peace might be a possibility in Afghanistan, though I’m doubtful it will occur this year.
  2. POSSIBLE MAJOR EARTHQUAKES IN AMERICA: Quatrain # 1-87 states “volcanic fire from the middle of the earth will cause trembling around the New City”. The name “New City” is an allusion to New York City (and in a greater sense the United States). America has three potentially dangerous fault lines that are all long over-due for a quake. If the New Madrid Fault Line (in Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri) becomes active, millions of Americans could die. If the Yellowstone Caldera in Wyoming becomes active, it could kill millions all across our planet. If the Cascadia Subduction Zone on our western coast becomes “active” millions of people could die in North America and Asia due to earthquakes and tsunamis.
  3. THE MILITARY EXPANSION OF IRAN: In his Epistle, Nostradamus warns us about a future bad guy from Iran named “the New Xerxes”. Xerxes the Great was a Persian King who unsuccessfully invaded Greece in 480 B.C., therefore, this passage seems to foreshadow an expansionist Iranian leader making trouble in the Middle East. If Iran is presently working on a nuclear weapon, this might spell hard times for NATO, Israel, and other nations in the Middle East.
  4. “MORE” EXTREME WAETHER EVENTS: Global Warming is real. In his Epistle, Nostradamus warns us a about a futuristic world-wide flood. So, due to the warming of our planet, I sense “more” extreme weather events this year (including the potential for three major hurricanes stiking the United States). Droughts and famines will strike in Asia.
  5. “TROUBLE” FOR THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION?: Two quatrains appear to reference troubles for a Republican President.  Could they be references to President Nixon, or could they be references to President Trump? We know that they apply to the United States due to the inclusion of the phrase “the great Senate” in one quatrain, and the word “capitol” in another. The word “capitol” is a reference to Washington D.C., which is the capital of the United States. Could this suggest a censure, an impeachment, or a resignation of a president? We shall see in the near future.