Russia’s Horrible War in Ukraine

Shame on Vladimir Putin (the evil, mass-murdering president of Russia) for militarily invading the proud nation of Ukraine by land, sea, and air! There simply aren’t enough words in the English language for me to accurately describe what “a horrible human” being President Putin truly is, however, in my next paragraph, I will provide you with a short list “of how” I would describe him. Please tell me if you think my list of his personality traits is accurate and correct?

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is a shamelessly evil, no good, murdering, skum sucking, immoral, lying, insane, cold blooded psycho, of a Satanic antichrist piece of Soviet Shit! That’s who and what he is! And I could continue with some additional words to describe him too, however, I will spare you from reading them, because I’m not interested in offending my readers by cussing in my posts. Putin is indeed a Godless idiot of a fool! He is worthless!

Putin is more like a Mafia Boss, than he is a statesman or president. In a political sense, Putin kisses the butts of Russia’s 150 richest and most powerful business leaders. These 150 men consist of Putin’s inner circle of his national mafia (so to speak). Apparently, all of these men must kiss Putin’s ass in a very tender and delicate manner, because IF they fail to do so, they run the chance of either disappearing, or being shot or poisoned by him. Putin gives the orders, and his henchmen do the dirty work for him.

I constantly ask myself how any prudent and rational human being, could possibly be so damn cold and evil, to be responsible for committing all of the war crimes and atrocities that the Russian military is guilty of committing in Ukraine? How could someone do that to the population of another nation that borders them, and was formerly part of their own Soviet Union? How could they do that and feel good about doing it? I don’t understand that! It simply doesn’t make any sense.

Furthermore, it has been said “that wars aren’t fought unless there is something to gain by fighting them”. So, with that idea in mind, “what” is Russia suppose to gain by attempting to destroy the nation and people of Ukraine? If Russia happened to win their war there (which is looking more improbable by the day), all that would be left over from it would be a big pile of useless ruble and destroyed infra-structure. So, what kind of victory prize would that amount to being? Not much of one at all!

I’m extremely proud of the good brave citizens of Ukraine! They are in a desperate “life or death struggle” on a daily basis to simply survive and fight on anther day to the very end. And so far, they are doing an excellent job of that, due to all of the help, aid, and support of NATO nations, and other countries around the world. Most all of the world has come to their rescue, in all of the different various ways that they can. Nations around the world that are governed by kind and normal people are more than happy to help the Ukrainians.

In one of my next posts, I will analyze this situation from a Nostradamian point of view, and reference a few quatrains and passages from Nostradamus’ Epistle that pertain to this crisis. Until then, let’s all hope and pray that the proud nation of Ukraine will continue to repel the Russian military, defeat them if possible, and send the Russian invaders of their nation to a special holding cell in a prison in hell!

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