An introduction to the Book – Remember the Future

bookcov04.pngOver the last four and a half centuries, hundreds of Nostradamus’ predictions appear to have been fulfilled with uncanny accuracy.

This celebrated Renaissance prophet foresaw the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, invention of air and space travel, the Kennedy assassinations, the two wars in Iraq, the 9/11 terror attacks on America, and hundreds of other yet to be fulfilled events.

On pages 23, 141, 142,143, and 144, the book plainly stated (years before the fact), that “New York City will take a direct hit in a Christian/ Muslim conflict”. To the amazement of the entire world, this predicted tragedy came true on September 11, 2001. As a result of these prophecies, became known around the world.

Will Nostradamus’ predictions for the future continue to be fulfilled as he prophesied? Will earthquakes rock America, will the war on terror continue for years, will floods and famine develop around the world? Will global warming impact the Earth’s environment? What other changes will the future hold?

Join author Victor Baines as he answers these, and other questions, regarding our future. If Nostradamus is indeed a true prophet, it would be senseless to ignore his important message to us.

TCU Magazine wrote the following review…

Baines offers the best chronicle of the future, as Nostradamus may have seen it“.

Remember the Future (The Prophecies of Nostradamus)” is the most timely book to be written about Nostradamus’ prophecies which could be fulfilled between now (and the year 2050). The major focus of this book are quatrains which reference future military events that involve the United States and NATO countries, as well as quatrains pertaining to earthquakes, environmental changes, the future third antichrist, and other potential future events.

Remember The Future also contains interesting quatrains relevant to our past, and a biography of Nostradamus.

Please consider purchasing a copy of Remember The Future. You can place your order online by clicking here, or you can order by snail mail by clicking here. You owe yourself a fresh perspective on this interesting topic of global interest.


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