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Nostradamus Predictions and Warnings for 2019, by Victor Baines

March 5, 2019

Here are some predictions (and warnings) based upon the prophecies of Nostradamus and how they might relate to potential world events for the year 2019 (and beyond).

  1. SYRIA, ISRAEL, THE MIDDLE EAST: Quatrain # 3-97 is a direct reference to changes in the Middle East. It states “the new law to occupy the new land towards Syria, Judea, and Palestine, the great barbarian empire to decay”. I predict that the warfare in Syria will expand into Iran, Lebanon, and Israel, and become worse, before it becomes peaceful. In the long run the regime of Assad will crumble and decay. ISIS, though weakened, will continue its terror attacks around the world. Peace might be a possibility in Afghanistan, though I’m doubtful it will occur this year.
  2. POSSIBLE MAJOR EARTHQUAKES IN AMERICA: Quatrain # 1-87 states “volcanic fire from the middle of the earth will cause trembling around the New City”. The name “New City” is an allusion to New York City (and in a greater sense the United States). America has three potentially dangerous fault lines that are all long over-due for a quake. If the New Madrid Fault Line (in Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri) becomes active, millions of Americans could die. If the Yellowstone Caldera in Wyoming becomes active, it could kill millions all across our planet. If the Cascadia Subduction Zone on our western coast becomes “active” millions of people could die in North America and Asia due to earthquakes and tsunamis.
  3. THE MILITARY EXPANSION OF IRAN: In his Epistle, Nostradamus warns us about a future bad guy from Iran named “the New Xerxes”. Xerxes the Great was a Persian King who unsuccessfully invaded Greece in 480 B.C., therefore, this passage seems to foreshadow an expansionist Iranian leader making trouble in the Middle East. If Iran is presently working on a nuclear weapon, this might spell hard times for NATO, Israel, and other nations in the Middle East.
  4. “MORE” EXTREME WAETHER EVENTS: Global Warming is real. In his Epistle, Nostradamus warns us a about a futuristic world-wide flood. So, due to the warming of our planet, I sense “more” extreme weather events this year (including the potential for three major hurricanes stiking the United States). Droughts and famines will strike in Asia.
  5. “TROUBLE” FOR THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION?: Two quatrains appear to reference troubles for a Republican President.  Could they be references to President Nixon, or could they be references to President Trump? We know that they apply to the United States due to the inclusion of the phrase “the great Senate” in one quatrain, and the word “capitol” in another. The word “capitol” is a reference to Washington D.C., which is the capital of the United States. Could this suggest a censure, an impeachment, or a resignation of a president? We shall see in the near future.

TEARS FOR FRANCE–Death to ISIS (the sons of Satan!), by Victor Baines

November 15, 2015

Our prayers go out to the brave people of France who had to endure a night of “Satanic hell and murder” at the hands of ISIS terrorists.  ISIS is the most evil, most dangerous, most worthless human skum on the face of planet Earth.  If the Devil himself had an army on Earth–its name would be ISIS.

For years various warnings about future war and terror can be found in my book “Remember the Future (The Prophecies of Nostradamus”). France was slow to recognize the true threat that ISIS posed to them–but now–I think they get the picture.  I was proud to see the headline in our local newspaper which stated “France bombing ISIS and showing No Mercy”!  Good for them–the evil bas_ard devils in ISIS should not be offered any mercy at all!  Instead, they should be bombed back into the stone-age (where it seems like they already live)!

Hopefully, the bombs of NATO nations will find their targets on the ground in Syria–killing thousands of the ISIS terrorists—and sending them straight to hell where they belong!

Protected: TODAY IS NOSTRADAMUS’ 111th BIRTHDAY Dec. 14, 1503 (as broadcast on the CBS Sunday News today), by Victor Baines

December 14, 2014

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September 9, 2014

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March 31, 2014

Previous to the tragic events of 9/11, there were only two or three documentary films about Nostradamus available for the public to view. However, after 9/11, due to the fact that Nostradamus predicted this tragedy in several of his quatrains, it began a media frenzy to produce cable television programs about him and his prophetic literary works.
I know all about these productions because, due to my many years of research, writing, and speaking about this fascinating topic– I was involved in helping to create many of them (both as a researcher and as an expert commentator). Making documentary films is fun. It can be hard and demanding work at times, but the pay-off of everyone’s hard work is intellectually rewarding, and it’s a great joy to experience “the feeling” one gets the first night that the show is finally broadcast for the first time on TV.
I have been busy “story boarding” an interesting group of quatrains about potential fascinating events in the future which have yet to occur! I know so much about this interesting topic that I could produce several great documentaries, in different production styles, that would probably prove to be “very successful” in ratings and content!
“Unique intellectual property” is the name of the game when it comes to this topic. The person who possesses it, and the people who have the power to create a good broadcast
So if any cable television producers are looking for new ideas to develop into documentary films they should consider contacting me to discuss what they might have in mind, and or consider some of the excellent production idea that I might have for them.
I’m well known in video production houses and radio stations in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., London, Sydney, Christchurch, Vienna, Tokyo, and Bogata. I have worked with lots of people–all over the world– including The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, the BBC, and plenty of others too.  Hey–let’s do some more work together.  Let’s do this!


March 31, 2014

In 1939, Hitler invaded the nation of Poland under the pretense of “rescuing the German people” who lived there from the danger posed to them by the Polish people In reality there was “no danger” posed to the German people living in Poland—but to Hitler–it was “the perfect lie” to use as the reason to take over Poland—starting World War II.
Now, in 2014, President Putin (of Russia) appears to have used “the same false logic” to invade the Crimea, that Adolf Hitler used in 1939 to invade Poland! And shame on him for doing so! Putin is no better or more moral that Hitler was, when it comes to invading another sovereign and independent nation that borders his own. No one in the international community of free nations is applauding Putin ( a former member of the KGB) for this illegal and immoral act! In today’s Russia, the aggressive modus operandi of the U.S.S.R. appears to be just as alive and well as it was from 1945 to 1988, in the glory days of Soviet aggression.
So what are the people of Ukraine going to do about this situation? Are the citizens of Crimea going to submit to an illegal election in order to vote on the idea of joining Russia? Well sure enough—they did. Now they have been annexed by Russia.
Nostradamus wrote about Russia. He referred to Russia by several names, but mostly as “Aquillon”—meaning “the Northern land”—in nineteen passages. He predicted the creation and the fall of socialism (in quatrain #4-32), the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. It is interesting to note that Hitler was also defeated by the Northern wind during World War II.
In quatrain # 2-89, Nostradamus predicted and era in time when “the two great masters (of the world–meaning the U.S.S.R and America?) would be friends, and their great power will be seen to grow”. In quatrain # 5-78, Nostradamus predicted that “the two do not remain allied for long” (followed by a war). If this is indeed a reference to Russia and America, is the time for Russia and the West to become adversaries again upon us now? Well–we will have to wait and see how things develop.
So will the Russians halt their military invasion of Europe in the Crimea, or will they be stupid enough to invade the rest of the Ukraine, or Moldavia, or even worse—Latvia or Estonia—which are members of NATO? NATO would certainly respond to a Russian invasion with a quick and harsh military counter-attack if the worse scenario were to occur! We still have plenty of A-10 Warthog Tank-busters in our air fleet. But would Putin really be that dumb to do so, hopefully not! Presently, the Russians have 50,000 troops mobilized on its border with Ukraine. Is this a psychological ploy and a show of force, or do the Russians have other intentions?
The Ukrainian military is rather weak and lacking in weapons and technology (as well as lacking in man power). However, they are mobilizing what military assets they have and building up their army and militia units in the same type of way that the Israeli Army did back in the late 1940’s when they gained their independence. If Ukraine was invaded, there is no doubt that they would put up a good fight against the Russians.
Hopefully this entire matter can be resolved through “prudent diplomacy”. It should be noted that in Nostradamus’ Epistle, it appears that Russia and America will be important and powerful allies again in the future, and that they will be united in a future war against nations in the East, therefore, lets hope that prudent thinking will prevail!


September 5, 2013

Due to the “evil acts” of Syrian President Bashar Assad (the son of an equally evil dictator) the United States of America is going to “unleash some hell” upon his spiritually negligent and most evil military forces for killing 1500 of his own people with chemical weapons.  The United States has five state-of-the art destroyers off of his coast line, waiting to be given the order to attack them.  I am quite sure that the order will be given sometime in the near future.

It is interesting that in quatrain 3-97, Nostradamus wrote:

“The New Law to occupy the new land,

Towards Syria, Judea, and Palestine,

The great Barbarian empire to decay,

Before the Moon completes its cycle”.

In my opinion, as an expert on the subject, this quatrain is a reference to the creation, and the on-going lively hood of the nation of Israel.  The mention of Syria in this quatrain could have several meanings to it, but something tells me that “The New Law” of this region, combined with the power of the United States, is going to bring some “decay” to the evil Syrian government in the next few weeks (who are indeed barbaric in nature).

I wonder exactly how the Russians will respond to all of this, considering that they are allies of Syria.  Things could get real messy if they get out of control.  Time will tell what will happen–but just know that the mere mention of Syria in quatrain 3-97 is a significant fact.

The Boston Marathon bombings–high school Jihadists–America’s new terrorists, by Victor Baines

April 23, 2013

I wanted to delay my on-line speculation about “who” was behind the Boston terror bombings until the authorities did their work on the crime scene.  Due to “the date” of the attacks (being on “Patriot Day”), my first instinct was that the bomber(s) were domestic terrorists who still had a bone to pick with the federal government about the Branch Davidians, or the Oklahoma City bombings, or something of that nature, during the 1990’s.

However, when it was discovered that the type of bombs used were the so-called “pressure cooker bombs” which are a favorite home made bomb of Islamic terrorists, I began to change my mind about who was behind the plot.  Obviously, the bombs that were used in Boston were rather simple.  On a scale of one to ten, I would give their level of sophistication a four or five.  The only mark of sophistication they had were the fact that a remote detentation device  was used to ignite the bombs (rather than a fuse).  But even crude bombs can have a horrific and deadly impact.

Unless federal authorites do something to “electronically block” Jihadist websites which advocate acts of terror against against the United States, as well as block any web-site (be it foreign or domestic in orign)  that contain instuctions on “how” to make a bomb–it is my fear that such attacks will be replicated in the future.  It just makes good sense to block these sites from public view.

Just for the record, I found “nothing” in the prophecies of Nostradamus that appear to foreshadow the Boston bombings.  There were no keywords like Boston, or race, or patriot, or marathon, or Bean City, etc.., were located in the quatrains.


Modern day urban feudalism in America–what happened to our economy? by Victor Baines

March 15, 2013

Life in America seems to have “de-evolved” into a strange and “difficult to define” state of economic existence.  if you are a wealthy person, and or a successful business owner, you might be doing well (in an economic sense) and have difficulty trying to understand what I am writing about in this article.  However, if you are a “former member of the American working middle class”–it should be  easy for you to relate to questions that I raise in this article!

“What the F%#K” happened to all our jobs?  “Where the F@*k” did they all go to?  “How the h#$L” am I suppose to make a living these days?  These are the questions that many Americans are asking themselves these days! So much for saving up for my retirement–people are simply trying to make it week to week, and month to month!

Can anyone reading this relate to what I am saying here?  This is the “unspoken state of economic existence” these days in America –and the problem is even worse than we know, but nobody seems to be addressing this issue in the main stream media!  They like to play the psychological game that “everything is fine in America”–but the real truth is a different matter!

Pope Francis I, St. Malachy, and Nostradamus, by Victor Baines

February 27, 2013

The story of St. Malachy 

Saint Malachy of Ireland, was a bishop who entered into a state of spiritual bliss one day, while on a trip to the Vatican in the early 1100’s.  And during his state of bliss he wrote out a list of 112 popes to come (a spiritual nickname and two or three sentences describing the reign of the pope). 

As a researcher, in my opinion, there “does” seem to appear to be some similarities between the “spiritual names” of Bishop Malachy’s prophetic papal list, and “the spiritual attributes” of the popes who wear the names 

 Pope John Paul 2nd was named “the Labor of the Sun”, and he was one of the most active, hardest working, and well traveled popes of all time (a ” true laborer” of god). Pope Benedict 16th is known as “Glory of the Olive”, and he was from the Olivetan sect, so we do see some amazing connections between St. Malachy’s list –and reality.

I have heard two names for the last pope on the bishop’s prophetic list.  The offical name is “Peter the Roman”, and the other name I heard was “Petrus Secundus” (Peter the Second–in Latin).    

If the word “Roman” is a clue about his nationality, then perhaps the last pope on Malachy’s list (the new pope to come) will be an Italian.  Others tell me I’m wrong–and that he will be an American, or an African, or from somewhere in South America.  Maybe they will be right (But I think he will be an Italian).  Well, as things turned out–both me and my friends were correct.  Pope Francis I is “Italain by blood”, as well as being from Argentina (a nation located in South America)!  Below is one of Nostradamus’ quatrains which might be a reference to the new pope: 

# 5-56

Due to the death of a very old pope,

will be elected a Roman of young age,

it will be said of him that he weakens the Seat,

but long will he sit and in biting activity.

So, the new pope is Italian by blood, but a younger man he is not (64 years of age is a young cardinal).  However, although he is 76 years old–he appears to be in good health. Will the new pope serve the Vatican and the Catholics around the world for many years to come?   Probably so!

Nostradamus’ reference to the death of a very old pope might be a reference to Pope John Paul 2nd (who passed away at a very old age).

If  the prophecies of Saint Malachy of Ireland are correct, it would mean that Peter the Roman (Pope Francis I) is “the last” official pope of the Catholic Church (which is difficult for most people to want to believe or accept).  According to Bishop Malachy, our new pope willstruggle hard for the church but during the reign of Peter the Roman  “the seven hill city of Rome will be destroyed–and the great judge will judge. The End”!  So does this suggest that “the end times” or judgement day will appear during the reign of Pope Francis I?  What exactly did St. Malachy mean by “the end”?

Does he mean the end of the church or the end of the world?

“If” Nostradamus is correct, this next pope might have to suffer the wrath of “Selin” (Nostradamus’ third antichrist). According to Nostradamus, Napoleon was his first antichrist, Hitler was his second antichrist, and an Islamic man from the East (named Selin) will be his third antichrist.

All in all, it appears that this next pope will be very active for the church, and will face many enormous challenges. Some will criticize him, but in reality—he will be a very good pope! I for one, wish the new pope the best of luck and many blessings!  Hopefully the prophecies of St. Malachy are wrong and the world will continue to flourish for centuries to come.  However, we must consider everything –from all angles–as time moves forward into the future.