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People all over the world are interested in Nostradamus and his prophetic writings, more recently his predictions pertaining to the post millennial era. Now people like yourself can have a center of communications for your thoughts and concerns in regards to Nostradamus prophecies and the potential impact they might have upon our world.

If you are interested in Nostradamus’s future predictions, reading information in this web site will prove to be both informative and intellectually stimulating because our goal is to fill in the missing pieces of information available on this subject by providing members and visitors with timely updates regarding future events.

Membership in the Nostradamus Society of America is free. To become a member, simply click on the link below and e-mail us your name, home mailing address, and e-mail address and we will add you to our membership role. Your information will never be sold to anyone, or used for any other purpose, nor will you be placed on any mailing lists without your knowledge.