Modern day urban feudalism in America–what happened to our economy? by Victor Baines

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Life in America seems to have “de-evolved” into a strange and “difficult to define” state of economic existence.  if you are a wealthy person, and or a successful business owner, you might be doing well (in an economic sense) and have difficulty trying to understand what I am writing about in this article.  However, if you are a “former member of the American working middle class”–it should be  easy for you to relate to questions that I raise in this article!

“What the F%#K” happened to all our jobs?  “Where the F@*k” did they all go to?  “How the h#$L” am I suppose to make a living these days?  These are the questions that many Americans are asking themselves these days! So much for saving up for my retirement–people are simply trying to make it week to week, and month to month!

Can anyone reading this relate to what I am saying here?  This is the “unspoken state of economic existence” these days in America –and the problem is even worse than we know, but nobody seems to be addressing this issue in the main stream media!  They like to play the psychological game that “everything is fine in America”–but the real truth is a different matter!

Pope Francis I, St. Malachy, and Nostradamus, by Victor Baines

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The story of St. Malachy 

Saint Malachy of Ireland, was a bishop who entered into a state of spiritual bliss one day, while on a trip to the Vatican in the early 1100’s.  And during his state of bliss he wrote out a list of 112 popes to come (a spiritual nickname and two or three sentences describing the reign of the pope). 

As a researcher, in my opinion, there “does” seem to appear to be some similarities between the “spiritual names” of Bishop Malachy’s prophetic papal list, and “the spiritual attributes” of the popes who wear the names 

 Pope John Paul 2nd was named “the Labor of the Sun”, and he was one of the most active, hardest working, and well traveled popes of all time (a ” true laborer” of god). Pope Benedict 16th is known as “Glory of the Olive”, and he was from the Olivetan sect, so we do see some amazing connections between St. Malachy’s list –and reality.

I have heard two names for the last pope on the bishop’s prophetic list.  The offical name is “Peter the Roman”, and the other name I heard was “Petrus Secundus” (Peter the Second–in Latin).    

If the word “Roman” is a clue about his nationality, then perhaps the last pope on Malachy’s list (the new pope to come) will be an Italian.  Others tell me I’m wrong–and that he will be an American, or an African, or from somewhere in South America.  Maybe they will be right (But I think he will be an Italian).  Well, as things turned out–both me and my friends were correct.  Pope Francis I is “Italain by blood”, as well as being from Argentina (a nation located in South America)!  Below is one of Nostradamus’ quatrains which might be a reference to the new pope: 

# 5-56

Due to the death of a very old pope,

will be elected a Roman of young age,

it will be said of him that he weakens the Seat,

but long will he sit and in biting activity.

So, the new pope is Italian by blood, but a younger man he is not (64 years of age is a young cardinal).  However, although he is 76 years old–he appears to be in good health. Will the new pope serve the Vatican and the Catholics around the world for many years to come?   Probably so!

Nostradamus’ reference to the death of a very old pope might be a reference to Pope John Paul 2nd (who passed away at a very old age).

If  the prophecies of Saint Malachy of Ireland are correct, it would mean that Peter the Roman (Pope Francis I) is “the last” official pope of the Catholic Church (which is difficult for most people to want to believe or accept).  According to Bishop Malachy, our new pope willstruggle hard for the church but during the reign of Peter the Roman  “the seven hill city of Rome will be destroyed–and the great judge will judge. The End”!  So does this suggest that “the end times” or judgement day will appear during the reign of Pope Francis I?  What exactly did St. Malachy mean by “the end”?

Does he mean the end of the church or the end of the world?

“If” Nostradamus is correct, this next pope might have to suffer the wrath of “Selin” (Nostradamus’ third antichrist). According to Nostradamus, Napoleon was his first antichrist, Hitler was his second antichrist, and an Islamic man from the East (named Selin) will be his third antichrist.

All in all, it appears that this next pope will be very active for the church, and will face many enormous challenges. Some will criticize him, but in reality—he will be a very good pope! I for one, wish the new pope the best of luck and many blessings!  Hopefully the prophecies of St. Malachy are wrong and the world will continue to flourish for centuries to come.  However, we must consider everything –from all angles–as time moves forward into the future.

Predictions for 2013 –from The Nostradamus Society of America, by Victor Baines

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Well everyone–we made through the “phony ending of the world in 2012” that was so well hyped by the media and the internet.  I could write more about that, but instead, I am moving on to life in 2013.  Below are a few predictions for this new year.

THE ECONOMY:  My prayer is that the economy improves this year resulting in higher levels of productive employment throughout the United States.  Whether that will occur or not is up to variables far beyond my control.  Most likely the domestic economy will continue to slowly deteriorate resulting in higher prices for consumer goods (like food, gasoline, etc..).  Prices are high enough as they are and I can barely imagine them getting even higher.  Jobs will continue to be exported to nations like China (and in other nations in Asia).  Let’s hope that Fortune 500 companies (with the help of the Federal government) will enact measures to improve our economy.

TERRORISM:  Iraq and Afghanistan will most likely see more acts of terrorism in 2013 (more so in Afghanistan than in Iraq).  Domestic terrorism carried out by mentally deranged individuals with firearms will most likely be the new threat in America during 2013.  How these types of acts can be stopped in the future is tricky business for authorities to figure out.  A lot of work must be carried out to defend against them in the future.  Hopefully the Department of Homeland Security will continue the good job of stopping what terror plots reveal themselves before the fact. 

SYRIA:  The Assad regime is one of the most evil governments on the planet.  For four decades now (first the father and now his son) have generated a huge amount of terrorism upon the world, but now, they generate most of it upon their own people.  An estimated 60,000 Syrians have died over the last two years in the Syrian revolution and more will die in 2013.  If  President Assad had a brain left in his head he would do something to end the blood shed. Or, he should gather up his money and family and go into exile, and leave his nation to be run by a new Syrian government that is friendly to the people.  Could 2013 prove to be the year that the rebels over throw him?  Only time will tell!

THE CLIMATE:  Nostradamus penned many quatrians about droughts and famines.  He stated that they would start in small areas and then grow larger across many regions.  2012 was a year of remarkable heat extremes and according to the New York Times–34,000 heat records were broken in 2012!  Hey people–global warming is real and the problem appears to be getting worse every year.  I predict that more heat records will be set in 2013!

THE MIDDLE EAST:  Hezbollah got an intense pounding by Israel in 2012 after they launched missiles at them from the West Bank in 2012.  I doubt their  mistake will be repeated  again in 2013.  Will Iran continue to export drone aircraft to Hezbollah this year?  Let’s hope not.  If Iran continues their nuclear program without coming clean with the West–more problems will develop for them in 2013.  I think the area in and around Yemen might be a region that continues to produce Jihadist leaders in the future. Turkey, which borders Syria (and is a NATO member) have fielded Patriot missiles as a shield against any offensive acts by the Syrian government. 

HURRICANES: I think that hurricanes will continue to pound the USA in 2013 with the southern US as the region that will suffer the most. Nostradamus penned a quatrain about hurricanes hitting the New Orleans area, so, my prediction is based upon this quatrain being a trend in the future.

EARTHQUAKES:  Small earthquakes happen all over the world every year.  But I think that parts of Asia will see the worst of them this year (around the Pacific rim of fire).  Chile could get the worst of them in South America this year.  The New Madrid fault line (in parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, and Missouri) will one day pose a major problem for the United States when it finally collapses–but let’s hope that it won’t occur in 2013!

GUN CONTROL:  Gun Control will be a complex topic of debate this year.  There are more guns than people in the United States. Both sides of the debate have good points to make, but in the long run, I think that sweeping measures will occur in this area in 2013.

ITS December 21, 2012 AND THE WORLD HASN’T ENDED YET, by Victor Baines

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Hello everyone,   December 21st, 2012 is here and the world hasn’t ended yet!  No world wide disasters  have arrived or are heading our way ! Most of us are still alive–just like I thought we would be! Are you getting the idea that all of this talk about the world ending on December 21st, 2012–was nothing but a lot of  hype, urban myth, propaganda, and overly wild speculation?  That’s what I’ve been thinking for the last five years!

I have yet to be shown “any tangible evidence” that can truly suggest that the world was suppose to end on December 21st, of 2012!  If anyone thinks that they truly have proof, or some type of evidence, or at least a rational theory of some type that conforms to “common sense” –that points to the world ending some time soon–please send it to me (I’d love to read it).  I’d like to  see how silly it is.  Sorry–no end of the world.

You haven’t t seen “me” (Victor Baines) on any cable TV program saying that I thought the world will end in 2012.  John Hogue,  Vincent Bridges, Jay Wiedner and  others were one’s who said that (not me)!

Then, there were all of the “so-called Mayan scholars” who proclaimed the world would end in 2012, as well as a bunch of paranoid survival gear merchants (and others) who jumped on the “gloom and doom” end of the world band-wagon.  I guess everyone is free to state their personal  opinions on things, but for the record, I’ve never thought that the world will end in 2012.  Nostradamus didn’t write that either. It is a lie that he stated that!

The 2012 Presidential election, trouble in the Middle East, no signs of the world ending yet, by Victor Baines

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I  have received a lot of email from people asking me if Nostradamus predicted the outcome of the 2012 American presidential election.  Well the answer is “no”, Nostradamus made no predictions for the outcome of this election.  I am not a political analyst and I do not normally write about election matters.  However, in the last presidential election in 2008, I went out on a limb  and followed my gut instinct and predicted that Obama would be the victor. As fate would have it I was correct! It wasn’t that hard of a prediction to make.

So,  if anyone wishes to know what I think about the outcome of the current presidential election–here it is–I think that president Obama will win the election! If you look at the stats of the American population you will realize that the math adds in support of  the poor voters, versus rich conservative white voters who might vote for Romney.  However, in contrast to the popular vote there is the mysterious electoral collage to consider, which numerically skews the popular vote.  Then, there is the election of 2000 to consider where Gore won, but Bush ended up being the president (resulting in the Supreme Court case Gore vs. the United States).  So who knows what will really happen in the end of it all.. 

Things appear to be heating up again in the Middle East.  Palestinian Terrorists have been flying drones made in Iran over Israel lately.  Everytime they enter Israel’s airspace they are immediately shot down by an F-16. The violence of the endlessly evil Bashara Assad dictatorship is spilling over into Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.  This is slowly becoming a huge black hole with no end in sight. A huge military exercise between Israel and the United States is occurring this month.  It is designed to send a strong message the foolish president of Iran. And I bet it will indeed. 

As for as an update on the “stupidly predicted” end — we still see NO SIGNS of it happening yet! However, considering the overly high prices that the American public is forced to pay for everything from gasoline, to rent, to electric bills (and even a Big Mac at Mcdonalds), it seems like the world has already ended!  LOL! In a couple of months we will be able to see “what fools” all of these morons are who have flooded the internet with rediculous websites and articles predicting the end of the world in 2012.  I call these people “monkey see–monkee doers” and theyare as full of crap as the day is long.  Hopefully their rediculous websites will soon vanish from the internet in January, 2013.


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Once again our prayers go out to the victims of 9/11 (as well as to their families and friends) on this eleventh anniversary of their deaths.  We also pray for the safety of all of our military and security people around the world who work so hard to protect our freedom. Almost ten years after September 11th, Osama bin Laden was finally killed by elite Navy Seals in Pakistan. The combination of quick action by our Seals and the quality work of our intelligence community ended the life of “the evil one” who was responsible for the carnage of the September 11 attacks upon our nation.  And as a result of this raid—al Qaeda, or what’s left of it– is still out for revenge against us! 

So, as Americans we must ask ourselves the important question “will any deranged terrorists attempt to perpetrate any new acts of terror against the United States (or our allies) on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11?”  Well, maybe they will, or maybe they wont!  However, in my opinon, I don’t think a terrorist attack on American soil is immenint on this anniversary of the attack.  I don’t feel it in my bones. But last year on the 10th anniversay of 9/11 I stated that I felt like some type of terror attack might occur on 9/13, and in fact one did–but it was limited to an attack on Kabul–and not on American soil.

However, it makes good common sense to “err on the side of public safety” and to take the prudent position that an attack might be imminent!  Therefore, we should “prepare for the worst”, in case the unimaginable happens, so that we can be ready to effectively deal with whatever might come our way (if anything bad comes our way at all). So, “better safe than sorry” when it comes to defending against potential acts of terror!  But unlike the times of 2001, now our military and security teams are prepared for all sorts of attack scenarios against us.  But for some reason, it seemed liked to me that they “dropped the ball” on Sept. 11, 2001!

On September 11th, 2001, I got 1.5 million hits on my web-site due to CNN placing a link on their website to the Nostradamus Society of America,  The awful truth of the matter was that Nostradamus did indeed predict 9/11 in several of his quatrains.  Quatrain 10-72 stated that a “great king of terror was going to arrive in the skies in the seventh month of 1999”. The date 1999 was a numeric anagram for the actual date of the terror attack on 9-11-1. The seventh month of the year in Nostradamus’ lifetime in the 1500’s was the month of September (since he was alive when the Julian calendar was being used).  Now, we use the Gregorian calendar.

In quatrain # 6-97, Nostradamus stated that “the sky would burn at 45 degrees, fire to approach the great New City (his term for the New York City). Instantly a huge scattered flame would leap up” (as it did indeed when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers”).  Despite the fact that some evil hoaxers flooded the internet with three phoney quatrains after the attack–the truth of Nostradamus was made clear enough.

If you want to read more about my view about 9/11 (as well as what Nostradamus’ view was) I suggest that you purchase a copy of my book ” Remember the Future (The Prophecies of Nostradamus)” here on my website.  Go to the book order page to place your order now.  If you purchased my book on 9-11-01, I would like to thank you for it once again!

Again, the awful truth of the situation was that I got closer to predicting something like 9/11 in my book than anyone else did–to my knowledge!  God Bless America!

Addendum (Sept. 12th).  Now that terrorists have attacked the American Consulate in Libya on Sept. 11th,  I would have to say that even a corporal in the army would seem to have enough military sense to “beef up security” at embasseys and consulates around the world on (and around) Sept. 11th!  But for some unknown reason (which is beyond me) the American government failed to do so (dropping the ball in my opinion).

Katrina quatrain revisited–Nostradamus scores another hit, by Victor Baines

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Something tragic, yet interesting in the world of Nostradamus,  occurred again on August, 29th, 2012  (somewhat like it did seven years ago on August 29,  2005).  It has to do with quatrain #9-48, the amazing quatrain that predicted Hurricane Katrina.   And now on August 29th of this year the same thing happened again (but fortunately with lesser intensity) when Hurricane Issac occurred (merely a category one hurricane).  Here is the wording of quatrain #9-48:





The first line of this quatrain is reference to the city (and port) of New Orleans.  New Orleans, Louisiana, is a former French colony which has been a major maritime center of commerce since the 1700’s.  The second line of this quatrain has another big clue in it (“surrounded by a crystalline swamp”).  If you think about it, Louisiana is known as “the bayou state” and the area around New Orleans, as well as other parts of the state, consist of swamps, bayous, and marshes–many of them full of water containing salt crystals.  Katrina occurred in what we would call “the summer” (not the spring), but it is a reference to warm weather. The winter solstice mentioned might a reference to the galactic alignment which will occur this year on December 21, 2012.

The fourth line of the quatrain is the punch line “it will be tried by frightful wind”.  Out of all of Nostradamus’ 943 quatrains only one contains a reference to “a frightful wind”, and a city being “tried by it”.  According to my dictionary, the definition of “tried” is this…”tested, having sustained the tests of experience”.  So, New Orleans wasn’t totally destroyed by the winds of Katrina or Issac, just “tried and tested” by it.    The winds in Katrina got as high as 125 mph, and in Issac they got up to 75 mph. 1800 people died in Katrina, with millions in property damage occurring with Issac and Katrina.

In conclusion, it is my hypothesis that New Orleans will be hit by more and more hurricanes as time goes on.  Usually,  each quatrain is a reference to only one event, but in this case, it appears to reference at least two hurricane events, and probably more of them into the future.


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According to a recent article by the Associated Press, if terrorists ignited a nuclear device a few blocks away from the White House here is what would happen (keeping in mind we hope this would never ever occur): 

1.      The initial explosion would incinerate everything within a ½ mile radius from the point of ignition.

2.      A super-intensive flash of white light would blind anyone who saw it for many miles in all directions (like you were starring into the sun—but much worse).

3.      A radioactive cloud would fill up the sky and slowly move toward Boston.  But the mind-blowing conclusion of the study revealed ”that just a bit further from the epicenter of the blast, such a nuclear explosion would be pretty survivable”.

Really—“pretty survivable” you say?  Just “how pretty” are we talking about here? Like a “pretty place” to cook hot dogs and have a picnic, or what?  I can’t imagine “anything pretty” about a post-nuclear blast environment—but that’s what the experts are claiming!

Thank God that Osama bin Laden is finally dead!, by Victor Baines

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It took about ten years to do it–but Osama bin Laden–the world’s greatest terrorist is now dead.  I felt like  Osama was not hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan, but hiding somewhere in a crowed urban environment.  I thought that Multan was the city he was in, but Islamabad turned out to be his location.

Nostradamus certainly predicted the events of 9/11 in several prophecies and referred to bin Laden as “the great king of Terror” who descended from the sky over “the New City” (an obvious reference to New York City).

People in the United States (and across the world) are now celebrating bin Laden’s death!

The Earthquake, Tsnumai, and Nuclear Problems in Japan, by Victor Baines

Posted March 17, 2011 by Victor Baines
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Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan!  Oh, what a horrible tragedy they must be living through at this time.  We wish them lots of luck in fixing the problem at their nuclear facility.

As fate would have it, one of Nostradamus’ predictions (quatrain #2-6) pertains to the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, and quatrain #3-3 pertains to a huge earthquake in Asia.  So, if we take text from both of these quatrains and put them together in a “compound quatrain”–here is what it states:

” Near the ports and within cities, an earthquake occurs in the depths of Asia, a scourge, the likes of which has never been seen.  Hunger, plague within, people thrown out by steel, crying for help from the great immortal god“.

It is interesting to me how accurate of a picture of real world events can be achieved through this new “compound quatrain method”.  Again–we are praying for the Japanese people and hope that their problems come to an end real soon.