The Danger Posed to America by the New Madrid Fault-line

The earthquake on April 19th in the New Madrid fault line, was an event of great importance. In fact, it was so important that it was the top story on ABC News that evening.

As fate would have it, in Quatrain #10-79 Nostradamus predicts a major earthquake in a region he called “the New Memphis” (see the excerpt section of this website). Memphis, Tennessee is located within the New Madrid region and our USGS predicts that a major quake will strike this region around the year 2017 (or maybe before). So, we see “science and prophecy predicting the same thing” (which is unusual and therefore important)!

I can assure you that if the New Madrid fault line collapsed it would amount to a huge, colossal mess involving the loss of about 25% of the surface area of the United States!

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