Victor Baines and The Nostradamus Society of America is making a big come back in 2021!

Hello there everybody! Thanks for visiting our website! Can you believe that its really the year 2021, and that we are already 20% of the way into the 21st century? Maybe you can, but I can’t. We are making a big new internet comeback this year. I hate to admit it, but I was suffering from a bad case of Writer’s Block during the Trump administration. Fortunately, that is now in the past, and my passionate creative writing juices are flowing once again. And it’s about time too.

We have rebuilt and updated our Society’s website. We hope you enjoy utilizing it, and will join up as a member of our society. We are late in posting our predictions for 2021, but will be doing so very soon (we promise).

Soon, people will be able to purchase copies of my printed book on our website, and we will have a link to purchase an e-book copy of my book “Remember the Future (The Prophecies of Nostradamus)”, on too. Also, we will have plenty of new and cool Nostradamus novelties and gifts for sale in the near future. Please be sure to visit us again real soon to purchase some of them. We will have lots of cool stuff for you to choose from.

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