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Two legged snake fossil found

May 8, 2006

In Argentina, a fossil of a two legged snake was recently discovered. The anatomy of the snake, as well as the location of where it was found, suggests that it lived on land, adding proof to the theory that snakes evolved on land.

According to an article in the associated press, snakes are believed to have evolved from four legged lizards. Later on they lost their legs, over the course of time. This new discovery suggests just the opposite.

The newest bin laden Al~Zawahri tapes

May 4, 2006

In the latest al qaeda’s tapes, bin laden accused the United States and Europe of supportig a “zionist war” on Islam, according to an article by The Associated Press. In the video by Al~Zawahri he claimed that hundreds of suicide bombing in Iraq has broken the back of the U.S. military.

However, based on the TV news reports I have seen recently, U.S. Delta Forces are hot on Al~Zawahri’s tail. It appears that the U.S. forces are tightening the noose around his neck. In one recent raid, they got as close as a thousand yards to the hideout of Al~Zawahri.

Newspaper articles suggest that bin laden is hiding somewhere along Afghanistan’s 1500 mile border with Pakistan. However, I feel like he’s in an area 60 to 75 miles northwest of Multan, in central Pakistan.  Based upon meta-physical research, that is my conclusion.