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Hispanic television is interesting to watch!

June 29, 2006

Lately,when I have been channel surfing in front of my television set, I have tuned in to some interesting programs broadcast by the Univision, Telefutra, Telemundo, and other networks. Their actors are talented, their writers have talent, and their show hosts and dancers are also quite talented indeed! So, this month, I salute the Hispanic broadcasters here in the united States. My favorite program is the Escandalo show.

Al-Zawahri killed by the U.S. in an airstrike

June 15, 2006


Last month, in May, I had an “over-whelming” feeling the Islamic extremist Al-Zawahri was not long for this world (as evidenced by my last month’s blog entry below). When I saw a picture of his face on TV, I saw it as a “skeleton head” inside my mind’s eye. As fate would have it–my over-whelming instinct proved correct, which is why we have a picture of an arrow inside the bullseye, in the image above. In the future, I promise to share more of my instincts with you.